This Site Will Pay You to Book Flights for People

Photo by Arnold Lee on Unsplash
Photo by Arnold Lee on Unsplash
Thanks to FareFetch, you can now get paid to book flights for strangers. Conversely, if you’re a traveller who’s short on time, you can use the site or mobile app to find deals without having to search the internet yourself.

FareFetch users simply enter a destination and date you’d like to depart and select the total number of passengers. The site will display the average lowest published fare it finds, and based on the estimate, you decide the maximum amount you’ll spend and submit a request.

“Farefetchers” – people who sign up to search flights for others – will then scour the web for deals and book a ticket within 24 hours. If a farefetcher can’t find an itinerary that matches the exact criteria, users pay nothing. If there’s a match, a farefetcher will purchase the itinerary confirm the trip. If the flight costs less than the price the traveler indicated, the farefetcher gets to keep the difference. According to Farefetch’s policy page, Farefetchers can either book the flight themselves and be paid within 48 hours or share booking instructions and receive payment within one week.

Once a farefetcher purchases an itinerary, users can’t cancel or change the terms through the service (individual airlines must be contacted about their cancellation policies). Additional baggage cannot added by farefetchers, which means travellers are entitled to the airline’s standard baggage allowance.

Check the site for further T’s and C’s. Happy fetching.