This Simple Trick Stops Anyone Reclining Their Plane Seat into You

© Vincent Versluis / Unsplash
© Vincent Versluis / Unsplash
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Tech & Entrepreneurship Editor5 January 2018

There’s nothing worse than settling into your seat on a flight only to have the person sitting in front of you recline their chair into your precious, limited space.

The trick to avoid getting squished? Sit behind a seat that can’t recline.

On most airlines, the seats in the emergency exit row and in the row directly in front of the exit row don’t recline. While you might not be able to recline your seat either, you can ensure those valuable few inches of extra space by grabbing one of these spots.

Most exit row seats even provide a few more inches of seat pitch compared to non-exit row seats, so that passengers have more space to access the exit. You just have to agree that you’re willing to help operate the exit door in case of an emergency. But given the low, low likelihood of an emergency landing, its almost always worth it.

omar-prestwich-247121 | © Omar Prestwich / Unsplash

Even better? Try to reserve one of the rare seats which do recline, but are behind a non-recliner. Sites such as offer seat maps of any upcoming flight, allowing you to reserve a seat behind a non-recliner – just check the red and yellow seats on any of Seat Guru’s maps to ensure you’re in the best spot on the plane.

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