This Pairing of Major Recent Albums with Corresponding Literary Works Is Genius

Image by the curator
Image by the curator
One book and music enthusiast married her two passions into a personal and essential canon.

Socially-conscious albums have been making steady appearances since the rise of Black Lives Matter and the election of Donald Trump. For many people, these provide enough clarion calls to elicit awareness and engagement with the current race and class woes undermining our country. But for those who want to go deeper and read about the issues that are inspiring musicians to voice their concerns, one astute reader has provided the ultimate reading list.

According to Vibe, a literary activist named Kiara Garrett posted to her social media accounts a list of essential albums and literature for our troubled times. But rather than provide two separate lists, Garrett highlighted which albums correlate to which literary works: Kendrick Lamar gets paired with Ta-Nehisi Coates; Beyoncé with Zora Neale Hurston; Rihanna with Toni Morrison.

“In the spirit of #WeNeedDiverseBooks and working for a real live “We Got Yall” … I have decided to create a list of book recommendations,” she wrote on Facebook. “If you liked this album, read this book.”

The full list is below: