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This Map Shows What Every American 'Hates' in Their State

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 28 July 2017
Remember a few months back when we told you about that dating app that matches you with people based on what you both hate? Well, Hater (apt name), has compiled all sorts of data from their app to bring you a map which shows what every American hates in their state.

Tuna salad, Casey Affleck and jellyfish — it seems the United States hates quite a few bizarre things, well according to Hater, anyway.

So what of this app? Essentially, it’s like Tinder (minus all the sex-crazed weirdos). Instead of matching you with happy things like pugs or bunnies, Hater works differently: it’s all based on what your future Mr or Mrs despises.

The app works by prompting users to select whether they hate, dislike or love a particular activity (like tennis) or a concept (let’s say Donald Trump for laughs). With several topics to choose from, all of the user’s data builds up and matches are then determined by an algorithm — how clever.

Like most companies, Hater has been keeping tabs on its users, a few hundred thousand in the US of A since the app launched last February and instead of just compiling a boring old list, they made a pretty map:

© Hater

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

It looks like the west coast really hates fidget spinners and feminism (how strange)…

© Hater

How can North Dakota hate tapas? And let’s not even mention Mississippi…

© Hater

New York hating on Times Square and Washington DC despising the idea of a soulmate? Blasphemy…

© Hater

Oh, America…

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