This Map Shows the Most Popular Instagram Filters in Every Country

© Jakob Owens / Unsplash
© Jakob Owens / Unsplash
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Social Media Editor27 November 2017

Are you more of an Amaro or a Nashville type of person? If we’re talking black and white do you tend to go Moon, Willow or Inkwell? With 24 filters to choose from, are your top picks unique or do you fit in with the rest of the global Insta community? Finally, there is a map with the answer to all of these questions!

Online design community Canva have created a map illustrating the most popular Instagram filter in the world, and it is, drumroll please, Clarendon!

The World’s Favorite Filters | © Canva

Although this is, no doubt about it, a fab filter, which adds a nice tinge of brightness and makes colours pop to boot, it is also the first filter option on the app, so this statistic could also just mean the world is a little bit lazy.

Interestingly, when it comes to second choices, the winners are a bit more varied.

The World’s Second Favorite Filters | © Canva

The US and most of Asia favour the romantic Juno as their second favourite filter du jour, whilst Canada and Argentina like the early morning-hued Gingham. Russia and Brazil contrarily opt for the more muted vibe of Sierra.

It’s possible that the natural light in these countries affects which filters look best but, of course, different tones will also be popular in different places just based on the culture and popular aesthetic.

The World’s Third Favorite Filters | © Canva

The third faves feel dominated by Lark sweeping over Russia, parts of Western and Eastern Europe and all of Australia, with Juno making a comeback in Canada and Brazil, and Gingham taking over the US and China.

If anything, these maps are a reminder of something we’ve known for a while now: it’s Instagram’s world, we just live in it.

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