This Map Shows Everyone's Favourite HBO Show, and No It's Not 'Game of Thrones'

Courtesy of Frontier
Courtesy of Frontier

We all know that HBO creates the best shows on planet Earth – Umm, hello Game of Thrones and Sex and the City, but what’s each US state’s fav HBO show? All has been revealed in a new poll created by & West Frontier, and the results are pretty, well, surprising. 

So the map basically shows the whole of America loves Game of Thrones right? Well no, and we’re just as surprised as you are. With so much to watch at the mo, it seems geography was the most important factor in the results. For places like New Jersey, The Sopranos was the clear fav and the trend followed on down the eastern seaboard: The Wire for Maryland, Ballers for Florida. Unsurprisingly, New York’s winner was Sex and the City, but Silicon Valley for California – really?


Courtesy of Frontier

Creative, but not necessarily something to be taken seriously, the map is still a great way to see what the people of the United States are tuning into on their televisions.

And if you’re looking for a spot of small-box inspo for what you should start watching this month, what better place to start, eh?

Here’s the list of America’s favourite HBO shows in full:

Alabama Family Tree
Alaska Game of Thrones
Arizona Divorce
Arkansas Oz
California Silicon Valley
Colorado Westworld
Connecticut Togetherness
Delaware Boardwalk Empire
DC Veep
Florida Ballers
Georgia Divorce
Hawaii Divorce
Idaho Big Love
Illinois Carnivàle
Indiana The Night Of
Iowa Family Tree
Kansas Oz
Kentucky True Blood
Louisiana Treme
Maine Oz
Maryland The Wire
Massachusetts Westworld
Michigan Divorce
Minnesota Family Tree
Mississippi Divorce
Missouri Oz
Montana Divorce
Nebraska Divorce
Nevada The Wire
New Hampshire Game of Thrones
New Jersey The Sopranos
New Mexico Bored to Death
New York Sex and the City
North Carolina Eastbound & Down
North Dakota Oz
Ohio Divorce
Oklahoma Divorce
Oregon Sex and the City
Pennsylvania Oz
Rhode Island The Leftovers
South Carolina Eastbound & Down
South Dakota Deadwood
Tennessee Divorce
Texas Divorce
Utah Big Love
Vermont Girls
Virginia Divorce
Washington Westworld
West Virginia Oz
Wisconsin Oz
Wyoming Big Love



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