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© Julia Wytrazek / Culture Trip
© Julia Wytrazek / Culture Trip
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This Map Lets You Read Literature From Every Country on Earth

Picture of Michael Barron
Books and Digest Editor
Updated: 10 August 2017
Welcome to the Global Anthology map, an interactive supplement to Culture Trip’s recent initiative to highlight a work of prose from every country and corner on Earth. Simply click on a book icon to read a story from the relevant region in the interactive map below:

You can learn more about the Global Anthology project on its homepage.

We have cast as wide a literary light on the world as we could. There is no singular ‘voice’ that these pieces form; instead we let the representative writing style be determined by what we encountered in a certain region, whether it be an epic from East Timor, queer literature from Greenland, postmodernism from Honduras, or black satire from Eritrea.

© Julia Wytrazek / Culture Trip

Along the way we discovered the developing literature of some countries and the robust yet undiscovered oeuvres of others. Obscurity, however, is subjective: we can confirm that there is no place on Earth that literature isn’t written.