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© Pablo Carlos Budassi/Wiki Commons
© Pablo Carlos Budassi/Wiki Commons
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This is What the Universe Looks Like in One Image

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 30 March 2017
Our universe is getting on a bit – in fact, she’s approximately 13.8 BILLION years old – and in that time, she’s been populated by hundreds of billions of galaxies and aliens like this. Amazing, right?

In an attempt to map the whole thing in one epic image, artist Pablo Carlo Budassi used NASA’s super-cool Logarithmic Maps of the Universe, as well as images from NASA’s archive and Princeton University.

The fantastic image image shows a disc-shaped, system-centric view of the universe – this basically means that Earth and our surrounding galactic neighbours are placed in the middle, and everything else flows out from around them.

© Pablo Carlos Budassi/Wiki Commons
Here’s looking at you: our galaxy, surrounded by a ring of plasma, looks just like a human eye | © Pablo Carlos Budassi/Wiki Commons

Each axis represent a different field of view – each increasing by a factor of 10. This allows us simple folk to visualise something as epic as the universe in one perfect single circle.

The swirly ring by the sun is the Milky Way galaxy, which streams into countless other galaxies. Oh, and if you didn’t notice, the whole thing is enclosed by a ring of plasma –which looks just like the corneal limbus ring around the human eye –leftover from the Big Bang. Bet you didn’t spot that!

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