This Is the Easiest Way to Figure Out How Much You Should Tip

© Carli Jeen / Unsplash
© Carli Jeen / Unsplash
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Social Media Editor18 January 2018

If maths is not your thing, or you’re just always a little confused about how much to tip, we’ve got you covered!

Remember, there are many countries where service is normally included in the bill: France, the UK, Italy, China, South Korea, New Zealand and Thailand, to name a few. In some of these spots, such as Japan, it is even considered to rude to leave a gratuity!

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The first thing you need to do to figure out the tipping sitch anywhere in the world is check the bill. If there is a service charge included, chances are you are good to just pay the cheque and go.

However, in the US and other tipping countries you will need to figure out how much tip to leave, and this is where things can get complicated. But not anymore!

The simple way to figure out how much to tip is to just move the decimal point on the bill left by one. For example, if the bill is $100.00 just move the decimal point to find what 10% is: $10.

If you’ve had terrible service, 10% is your answer. But be forewarned: someone will probably come over and ask if everything was ok with the meal.

If you’ve had average service, a standard tip is 15%. So, divide the 10% by 2 to get 5% – in this case $5 – and add that together. So, $15.

Should you feel the service was exceptional, on the other hand, 20% is the way to go. Just double the 10%! In this scenario, that would be $20.

It’s really that simple! And of course, if you are ever unsure of a country’s tipping custom, the simplest thing to do is just ask.