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© Bilal EL-Daou/Pixabay
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These Will Be the Cheapest Days for American Travelers to Fly in 2018

Picture of Nikki Vargas
Travel Editor
Updated: 9 January 2018
For those with travel as one of their New Year’s resolutions, knowing when to fly can mark the difference between affording a trip or day dreaming about one. While there are numerous tricks for saving on travel, new data reveals what will be the cheapest days to travel in 2018.

Last year, airfare comparison site Kayak analyzed its internal data to predict what would be the most affordable days to fly in the new year. By examining over 1.5 billion searches from its American consumer base, Kayak pulled together the holy grail of cheap travel: a month-by-month analysis of the best days to fly for both international and domestic trips:


Domestic: Jan. 31

International: Jan. 19


Domestic: Feb. 7

International: Feb. 3, 21


Domestic: March 7

International: March 19


Domestic: April 29

International: April 27


Domestic: May 2

International: May 4


Domestic: June 3

International: June 2


Domestic: July 4, 18

International: July 31


Domestic: Aug. 29

International: Aug. 21


Domestic: Sept. 26

International: Sept. 25


Domestic: Oct. 31

International: Oct. 29


Domestic: Nov. 30

International: Nov. 11


Domestic: Dec. 10

International: Dec. 2

“The supply and demand is really what drives a lot of this,” David Solomito, vice-president of North America marketing at Kayak, told Mic. “The times when people most want to travel, when things are most convenient, it’s more expensive.”

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Passport | © cytis/Pixabay

Unsurprisingly, travel around major holidays proves the most expensive, while off season months—such as January and March—prove more wallet-friendly. In fact, Solomito predicts that of all the cheap days to fly, March 19 will be the absolute most affordable day to fly in 2018.

In summary, when it comes to saving on travel the best pro tip is to look to fly when other people don’t. Red-eye flights, mid-week departures, off-season months will always land you better airfare. Always.