These Pick-Up Lines Written by a Robot Are Adorable

©Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock
©Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock
Pick-up lines rarely impress anyone, so if you’re going to use one, you may as well choose one made up by a neural network.

Neural networks, computer systems modeled on the human brain, have been used to compose songs, make movie trailers, conceive superhero names, create recipes, and much more. Now, research scientist Janelle Shane has taken the technology into a new space: pick-up lines.

By giving the neural network a large number of examples, theoretically it can produce its own original content which follows the form and structure of the original example.

“Gathering the dataset was much more painful than I had expected – I hadn’t really read many of these before, and most were obscene, or aggressive, or kind of insulting. I began to regret the whole project,” Shane wrote in a blog post.

Shane said that although the neural network figured out the basic form of pick-up line, it wasn’t able to replicate the wordplay needed for a truly cheesy, terrible line. However, the lines it did produce were a lot less creepy than regular pick-up lines.

Some of the better ones were “I want to get my heart with you,” “You are so beautiful that you make me feel better to see you,” and the instant classic, “You must be a tringle? Cause you’re the only thing here.”

The final line offered up by the neural network may be the best option someone considering using pick-up lines could employ – just say “hello.”