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Tech Editor16 August 2017

Who can honestly say they’ve got a firm handle on their lives? Not many of us. One day it may seem like a breeze, the next you’re an unorganized mess. Try and keep fit and you fall behind at work, impress the boss and your relationship may suffer—it’s all one huge balancing act. Luckily for us, technology is here to make things a little easier. Here are the top apps to help get your life in order.


We can probably all agree getting fit is one of the more challenging aspects of getting our lives in order, requiring both discipline and organization. While it may be only a drill sergeant-like instructor that can help with the former, a simple app can take care of the latter. MyFitnessPal is a free calorie counting app, where users may scan the label of (or manually input) each item of food and drink they consume. Then, MyFitnessPal will count the calories.

The calorie counter of Myfitnessapp | Courtesy Under Armor


We all need to get away, but the cost of traveling can halt even the most frugal plans. With the help of Hopper, you can ease the expense of a flight by knowing exactly what time to book. The app calculates precisely when fares to your chosen destination are at their cheapest.

Hopper on both iOS and Android | Courtesy Hopper


Sometimes you need to let it all out. But often you don’t want to burden friends and family by complaining too much. Vent gives you an outlet to express your frustrations and connects you with people who care. You can select how you feel on the app’s emotion slider and interact with people who are feeling the same. And vice versa.

Vent on iOS | Courtesy Vent


Moving money around is a hassle. We’ve all been to group dinners where nobody has cash and numerous credit cards get handed over to the beleaguered wait staff. Venmo fixes that problem. By simply setting up your profile, finding your friends, and pressing send, you can wire over funds for anything. And for the times when people need a friendly reminder, there’s a charge function too.

The Venmo app | Courtesy Venmo

Parking Panda

If the mere thought of finding a parking space makes you anxious, Parking Panda is an app you really need on your phone. Users can pinpoint and book a parking spot in a city for the exact time when they need it.

Parking spots in Manhattan | Courtesy Parking Panda


Headspace teaches people how to meditate—a key skill for a healthy mind. The app features hundreds of themed meditation sessions and has been endorsed by celebrities like Emma Watson. You can get bite-sized meditations for heavy schedules and SOS exercises for when you feel a meltdown is imminent.

Help with sleeping | Courtesy Headspace


Mint helps get your finances in order – one of the more daunting tasks when you’re life is in disarray. The app puts all your financial figures in one place, from credit scores to bank balances. With Mint, you can balance your books and pay your bills, and monitor what’s outgoing against what’s incoming.

Sleep Cycle

How you start your morning will inevitably affect the rest of your day. That’s why it’s important to wake from sleep rested, relaxed and in a good frame of mind. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock app tracks your sleep and wakes you up when you are only lightly sleeping, making sure you’re not jerked into the land of the living from a deep slumber.

Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep | Courtesy Sleep Cycle


For busy people, healthy eating can be difficult. However, apps like ShopWell will make sure you get the right food in your fridge for a nutritious and balanced diet. Once you’ve built a profile on the app, you can connect to your local grocery store and receive recommendations on which foods to buy and which products are on offer.

The ShopWell app | Courtesy ShopWell


SideChef helps you prepare meals by providing step by step instructions for a new recipe every day. Even those of us with zero culinary skills can follow along with the videos and make great food despite our busy lifestyles.

SideChef helps you prepare meals | Courtesy SideChef


And finally, once you’ve downloaded all these apps, your phone itself may need a little bit of organizing. IFTTT (which stands for If This, Then That) connects multiple apps on your phone, meaning you can sync files, organize emails, track your gym visits – and much more – in just one place.

IFTTT puts all your apps in one place | Courtesy IFTTT

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