These Are the World's Most Instagrammed Sunsets, Ranked

These Are the World's Most Instagrammed Sunsets, Ranked
© Anders Jildén / Unsplash
We’ve all been there. Squatting awkwardly to get the best angle, frantically swiping our smartphones to capture the sunset at its most golden. Instagram has made a competition of watching the sun go down, with #sunset pics from around the world numbering 286 million last year. But where’s the best spot to catch the magic?

The team at SpaSeekers has the answer, having analysed the data to reveal the top 10 places where sunsets are Instagrammed globally.

10. Ibiza, Spain – 1.01 million posts

Sip a tinto de verano, a lighter version of sangria typical to the island, with your toes in the sand and watch the buttercup-yellow show unfold before your eyes.

Best spot to watch:

9. Phuket, Thailand – 1.05 million posts

Partying till dawn may be what this paradise is most famous for, but the sunsets in deep hues of pink and gold are not far behind.

Best spot to watch:

8. Mumbai, India – 1.07 million posts

As breathtaking as a beach sunset can be, sometimes the sun going down over an industrial backdrop is even more enticing. So skip Mumbai’s sands and head for a rooftop instead.

Best spot to watch:

7. Moscow, Russia – 1.2 million posts

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Football fans in town for the World Cup can enjoy the striking sunsets in the Russian capital even if their team’s striker fails to score.

Best spot to watch:

6. London, UK – 1.2 million posts

London may be famous for its foggy skies, but that doesn’t keep it from being among the most popular places to Insta the sunset, which beams with hues of pink and purple.

Best spot to watch:

5. Sydney, Australia – 1.3 million posts

The Australian city is a fantastic spot to watch the day give way to the night, especially somewhere where the sun can reflect across the water.

Best spot to watch:

4. Paris, France – 1.3 million posts

The romance capital of the world glides onto the list at number four, offering a side of epic wine and cheese to accompany some of the most beautiful sunsets around.

Best spot to watch:

Pont Alexandre III


The Pont Alexandre III is a deck arch bridge that spans the Seine in Paris. It connects the Champs-Élysées quarter with those of the Invalides and Eiffel Tower, giving you a peek over the best of Paris.

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3. Bali, Indonesia – 1.4 million posts

Watching the majestic skies change colour over the blissful Bali Sea is one of the best sunset experiences in the world.

2. Sicily, Italy – 1.7 million posts

Laze with a granita as you watch the sun disappear over the Ionian Sea. Sicilian sunsets are dramatic as the landscape of Italy’s southernmost island and are not to be missed.

Best spot to watch:

1. California, US – 5.7 million posts

Cali takes first place in the sunset grand prix with 5.7 million posts on Insta, which is nearly five times more than second-placed Sicily. With the Pacific Ocean as its basin and a coastline replete with palm trees, jagged cliffs, miles upon miles of sand and skies that explode with colour, the Golden State should be at the top of every sunset-lover’s bucket list, and the numbers seem to prove that’s just where it is.

Best spot to watch: