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© India Tupy / Unsplash
© India Tupy / Unsplash
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These Are the Names Around the World Most Likely to Get You a Swipe Right

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 13 February 2018

Before you start frantically re-ordering your Tinder pics trying to entice more matches, be warned: new research shows it might not be the photos keeping you single.

Data collected by the location-based matchmaking app happn has revealed the first names most likely to get you a match in four cities around the world.

If you have one of these names, you are among the most likely to succeed in love (or at least in online dating, which – let’s face it – feels like the 2018 equivalent).

Interestingly, Charlotte and Sarah come up both in London and Paris as the most popular names on the app. Moving on to the boys’ team, Alex is very popular in Barcelona, with its French equivalent Alexandre likewise making the top five in Paris. Other than those however, there is real variety among the cities, so hey, if your name is popular in Barça and not New York, I guess you can always move!

Happy matching!

Most attractive names for women in New York

  1. Amanda
  2. Nicole
  3. Jessica
  4. Alexandra
  5. Katie

Most attractive names for men in New York

  1. Michael
  2. Matt
  3. Ben
  4. Jason
  5. Simon

Most attractive names for women in London

  1. Sarah
  2. Sophie
  3. Laura
  4. Charlotte
  5. Jessica

Most attractive names for men in London

  1. James
  2. Richard
  3. Tom
  4. Will
  5. Sam

Most attractive names for women in Paris

  1. Marie
  2. Camille
  3. Sarah
  4. Charlotte
  5. Pauline

Most attractive names for men in Paris

  1. Louis
  2. Adrien
  3. Julien
  4. Vincent
  5. Alexandre

Most attractive names for women in Barcelona

  1. Laura
  2. Marta
  3. Cristina
  4. Anna
  5. Andrea

Most attractive names for men in Barcelona

  1. Marc
  2. David
  3. Jordi
  4. Albert
  5. Alex