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Airplane Silhouette |© Skeeze/Pixabay
Airplane Silhouette |© Skeeze/Pixabay
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These Are the Best and Worst Airlines of 2017

Picture of Nikki Vargas
Travel Editor
Updated: 11 April 2017
Recently, WalletHub compared 10 of the largest US airlines, including Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, American Airlines plus regional carriers. Analyzing the airlines across 13 categories, WalletHub was able to determine which US carriers are the best (and worst) of 2017.
|© WalletHub
Best and Worst Airlines 2017 | © WalletHub

The Cheapest Airlines

Spirit Airlines and Frontier proved the best budget carriers in the country, offering consumers one way flights that are typically under $100 USD. Spirit Airlines operates on an ‘a la carte’ mode, where flights are cheap but hidden fees are often accumulated via luggage, in-flight meals, requested seat assignments, etc. While cheap upfront, carriers like Spirit often get a high disapproval rating from customers who are surprised by the added charges when flying.

2017 Cheapest Airlines |© WalletHub
2017 Cheapest Airlines | © WalletHub

The Most Comfortable Airline

The title of ‘Most Comfortable Airline’ goes to JetBlue, whose inflight services offer complimentary amenities, WiFi, snacks and legroom. In 2014, JetBlue rolled out its newest premium experience, Mint, which aims to rival other airlines’ business class accommodations and attract business travelers.

2017 Most Comfortable Airlines |© WalletHub
2017 Most Comfortable Airlines | © WalletHub

The Most Pet Friendly Airline

According to WalletHub, “1.3 animals died, got injured or were lost for every 10,000 transported by major U.S. airlines in 2016. None were incident-free.” While the ideal mode of travel with pets is to bring them in the cabin, if you have to put your pet in cargo, then Alaska Airlines is your best bet. Alaska Airlines, which saw the lowest number of pet incidents, offers Pet Connect to ensure the smooth and comfortable transport of your furry friend.

Best Airline for Pets |© WalletHub
Best Airline for Pets | © WalletHub

The Least Complained About Airline

Surprisingly, the airline that scored highest in satisfaction, according to WalletHub, was Southwest Airlines. In contrast, Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines had the highest amount of complaints in 2016 and 2017, earning them the title of least satisfactory air carriers.

Airline Satisfaction 2017 |© WalletHub
Airline Satisfaction 2017 | © WalletHub

The Most Reliable Airline

The most reliable airline of 2017 is Alaska Airlines who had the lowest rate of cancellations, lost luggage, delays, denied boardings and complaints.

Most Reliable Airline 2017 |© WalletHub
Most Reliable Airline 2017 | © WalletHub

When it comes to booking airfare, the cheapest flight isn’t necessarily the best. When looking at reliability, competency and comfort, sometimes it is worth paying more to ensure a better experience and avoid pesky hidden fees.