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A Halloween party | Courtesy Shutterstock.
A Halloween party | Courtesy Shutterstock.
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These Apps Will Help You Plan The Perfect Halloween Party

Picture of Peter Ward
Tech Editor
Updated: 19 October 2016
Organizing a Halloween party doesn’t have to be terrifyingly stressful when you have these apps to help you out.


Funnster is the perfect organizing tool for your Halloween party. The app lets you invite all your friends to an event, chat via instant messages among your guests, ask them to bring specific things to the party, and much more. Funnster is brightly colored, fun to use, and comes with preset Halloween party invites. The app is a free download available in the App Store.

For friends who aren’t on Funnster, your invite will be sent via text, and they can reply without downloading the app. With so many people spread over so many social networks and instant messaging apps, Funnster has the potential to gather all your friends in one place – both digitally and physically.

The Funnster app. | Courtesy Funnster.
The Funnster app. | Courtesy Funnster.

Pumpkin Carver

If you’re going to do a Halloween party right, you’re going to need to carve some pumpkins. So why not get some practice in on your phone? The Pumpkin Carver and Pumpkin Carver HD Pro (we’re not entirely sure of the difference between the two) allow users to carve out digital pumpkins on their phones and tablets, and really nail down the design before diving straight into real-life pumpkin, knife-in-hand. You can also share the end results of your digital carving via social media, if you’re friends are into that sort of thing.

Pumpkin Carver Screenshot | Courtesy Pumpkin Carver
Pumpkin Carver Screenshot | Courtesy Pumpkin Carver

Ghost Hunter M2

Before you invite your friends over for a Halloween celebration, you should probably first check how haunted your home is. Not surprisingly, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are several. One of the most prominent is Ghost Hunter M2, which costs $0.99. Open the app and you’ll see a lot of dials and needles moving all over the place, and a sonar-like display will reveal if a ghost is near. The app will also blurt out random names or words, apparently channeling what the spirits would like to say. It may not fool most people, but Selena Gomez certainly seems convinced in the video below.


Want to look like a vampire? Don’t want to cover yourself in cheap makeup? This may be the app for you. Upload an image to the Vampify app and you can turn yourself into a snarling, scary vampire with just a few taps and swipes. Add fangs, blood and even burns from the sun onto the image, and then add snarling and growling animations for an even scarier result.

Into The Dead

In today’s terrifying world, bobbing for apple may seem a little tame. So why not strap on a virtual reality headset and tear into some zombies with a chainsaw instead? It doesn’t get more scary and entertaining than Into The Dead, a mobile game already available on Google Play and the App Store. The game will also be coming soon to Facebook’s VR headset which promises to be an immersive zombie-slaying experience.

A zombie and a chainsaw | Courtesy Pik Pok.
A zombie and a chainsaw | Courtesy Pik Pok.