The USA's 10 Most Spectacular Outdoor Artworks

The USA's 10 Most Spectacular Outdoor Artworks
From precariously balanced boulders to rows upon rows of laser cut metal human figures, outdoor artwork in the USA is as provocative and striking as any masterpiece in a fine art museum. For fans of art and nature alike, the following examples of outdoor artworks will undoubtedly change the way you think about your environment and what we consider to be ‘art’.
‘Ball? Ball! Wall? Wall!’ by Donald Lipski | Laumeier Sculpture Park
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Donald Lipski’s ‘Ball? Ball! Wall? Wall!’ is comprised of 52 steel buoys, reclaimed from the sea and placed neatly in a row in the Children’s Sculpture Garden of Laumeier Sculpture Park. Playing with elements of surrealism, whereby ordinary objects take on unexpected meanings, Lipski’s piece simultaneously encourages association with a string of pearls, a kinetic desk toy and an industrial junk site. The ongoing rusting only adds to the interest created by this piece. Lipski’s artistic vision is grounded in his interest in the linkages between reality and play, making for a truly unique artistic experience.

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‘Blue Tree’ by Claude Cormier | Cornerstone Place

Canadian landscape artist Claude Cormier’s ‘Blue Tree’ installation was unfortunately removed in 2007 for safety reasons. However, its legacy lives on in its story. In 2004, this tree was infected with a disease and was due to be felled. Cormier gallantly stepped in and in lieu of instant death, gave the tree a three year sending off that involved a cherry picker and 75,000 blue Christmas ornaments. Wildly fantastical and reminiscent of a world fit only for Dr. Seuss, Cormier’s ‘Blue Tree’ will forever live on in photographs and the memories of those lucky enough to have seen it up close.

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