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©Lukáš Lalinský/ flickr
©Lukáš Lalinský/ flickr
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The Best Cafes In Bakersfield, California

Picture of Natalie Guerrero
Updated: 9 February 2017
Bakersfield, California is a wonderful southern California town that offers awesome sights, foods, and other fun activities. If you ever find yourself in Bakersfield in need of coffee and breakfast, check out our list of the top five cafes.
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Cope’s Knotty Pine Café

This family-friendly popular breakfast spot assures its customer wonderful food and flavors each time they walk into this adorable cafe. Try Lonnie’s special or a classic BLT, and your world will be forever changed. Cope’s Knotty Pine Café is a great spot for travelers who are passing through to stop, grab a quick bite, and go.

1530 Norris Rd, Bakersfield, CA USA, (661) 399-0120

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Covenant Coffee

Covenant Coffee offers some of the best coffee in Bakersfield, and what’s even better is that 100% of your purchase creates job training, mentoring, and placement for foster youths. It supports community service programs and provides the community with freshly roasted specialty coffee. Visit Covenant Coffee for great coffee and a great cause.

(661) 829-6737

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Camilles Sidewalk Café

Camilles Sidewalk Café is trendy, chic, hip, and serves delicious meals. They offer wraps, salads, sandwiches and more at this modern little shop. The environment is cozy and rustic while staff is friendly, informative, and helpful. Camilles Sidewalk Café creates a homey place for those cafe lovers in Bakersfield.

The Marketplace, 9000 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, CA USA,

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Bonnie’s Best Café

Finding a sandwich shop and cafe as good as Bonnie’s is hard these days. This cafe gives others around it a run for its money as it is consistently cranking out delicious eats and even better coffee. Bonnie’s has two locations, both of which offer daily specials and let the customer customize their meals to fit their palate. Bonnie’s has cute little outdoor seating and is wonderful for friends to enjoy a morning with some great food, coffee, and conversation. Trying a pastry is an absolute must.

(661) 323-7224

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Highland Café

This cafe offers an amazing atmosphere, friendly wait staff, wonderful food and an even better bar. The presentation of each meal is just as impressive as the taste (and that is extraordinarily impressive). This hole in the wall deserves all the accolades of a five-star fine-dining restaurant when it comes to customer service and food quality.