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Kendall Jenner knows how to calm down tense situations | © Pepsi/YouTube
Kendall Jenner knows how to calm down tense situations | © Pepsi/YouTube
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The Pepsi Ad Everyone Hates Looks Like This Chemical Brothers Video

Picture of Ann Lee
Music Editor
Updated: 5 April 2017
It’s safe to say Kendall Jenner’s controversial Pepsi advert has not gone down well.

The commercial, which shows the model placating riot police at a demo with a can of the soft drink, has been blasted for being “tone deaf” and just plain “embarrassing”.

The cringeworthy ad has caused outrage over suggestions that police brutality can be overcome with an ice cold sip of Pepsi.

Now, it appears it’s not just shockingly bad but it’s also a rip-off of an old Chemical Brothers music video too.

Journalist Dorian Lynskey pointed out on Twitter that the clip resembles the 1999 video for ‘Out of Control’.

Directed by W.I.Z., Rosario Dawson and Michael Brown star as EZLN revolutionaries taking on the Mexican police forces while downing a fictional Pepsi-type beverage called Viva Cola.

At the end, it’s revealed that the whole thing is just an advert for the drink with Dawson and Brown’s characters partying with the police officers.

Just like the Pepsi ad, the protesters and the cops are united by delicious cola.

The Chemical Brothers’ blistering satire had a lot more self-awareness though – something Pepsi could probably learn from.

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