The Most Common Names in the World Have Been Revealed

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© Hurst Photo / Shutterstock
Reddit – a place of humour, more humour and the occasional fact. Reason for existence: to entertain us earthlings and distract us from all the horrible things going on in the world. Example of such magic: the most popular names in the world. Read on to find out what they are.

So for England you’d imagine something along the lines of John Smith, or even perhaps David Smith – statistically the most common name in the Queen’s realm, but how about the whole entire world?

Is there an equivalent to John Smith somewhere else on the globe? It seems there is, and many of them too.

The wonderful world of Reddit has revealed the most common names from other countries across the planet, and of course, it’s pretty hilarious.

The thread asks people outside the United States: ‘what are the “John Smith” names in your countries?’

Check out some of the results below.

For Korea, not_athletic says:

‘Korean here. Not sure about first names but around 20% of Korea’s population has the surname “Kim”.’

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The response? Workacct1999 replied:

‘I knew a Korean girl named Kimberly Kim. Being the uber creative kids we were, we called her Kim Kim.’

Over in Poland, Wojciehehe says:

‘Jan Kowalski. Which is literally John Smith in my language, actually.’

Krakow Market Square © Sopotnicki / Shutterstock

On the Russian, John Smith, mf9769 says:

‘USA here, but of Ukrainian/Russian origin. It’s Ivan Kuznetsov lol. Kuznetsov comes from Kuznets, which means Blacksmith. It’s an extremely common name in Russia. Meanwhile, everyone in the world knows Ivan is easily one of the most common given names in Russia. Ivan comes from Ioannes, which also gives us the name John. So, in essence, the John Smith of Russia is John Smith, but in Russian.’

According to Solafuge, the most common name in Scotland is:

‘In Scotland it’s probably Cameron McDonald. I know about five.’

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In Vietnam, elee0228 says:

‘40% of Vietnamese people have Nguyen as a surname.’

Feeling enlightened? Share the most common names from your country in the comments box below!