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Updated: 2 August 2017
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With “Despacito” (and every version of the song) dominating the song of the summer race, July might not have seemed like 2017’s most populated month for music. However, in-between Bieber bans and Ed Sheeran cameos, there were plenty of tracks released to help beat the heat and keep the party going. Below, Culture Trip Music Editors Ryan Kristobak and Ann Lee name their top 10 songs of July.

Eric Nally—“Ruby”

From eating cigarettes in the bizarre Ohio collective Foxy Shazam, to touring the world with Macklemore, Eric Nally’s musical path is anything but straight. Who knows if he is still eating cigarettes, but we’re down with the Michael Jackson meets Hall & Oates vibes of Nally’s debut single “Ruby.”—Ryan Kristobak

Arcade Fire—“Electric Blue”

Arcade Fire singer Régine Chassagne takes center stage on this glittering, disco funk track that radiates with a wistful dreaminess.—Ann Lee

The Districts—“Violet”

All four songs released from Philly-by-Lancaster rockers The Districts’ upcoming album Popular Manipulations have been nothing short of spectacular. Third drop “Violet” is all about speed and will have you jumping up and down on your bed like a kid again.

Selena Gomez—“Fetish” feat. Gucci Mane

Selena Gomez’s latest single wouldn’t sound entirely out of place on one of boyfriend The Weeknd’s albums. It’s a slinky blend of minimalist electropop and R’n’B that’s seriously seductive.

Blue Hawaii—“No One Like You”

How do you follow a breakup record like Blue Hawaii’s Untogether, which details the ending of its two members’ personal relationship? How about a little warm, garage disco?

Tourist—“We Stayed Up All Night” feat. Ardyn

Producer Tourist describes his own sound as “sad dance music” but “We Stayed Up All Night” with its shimmering beats and bittersweet vocals is unashamedly romantic.

Hundred Waters—“Blanket Me”

Hundred Waters’ May EP Currency had its moments of brilliance, but it never felt like the follow-up to 2014’s The Moon Rang Like a Bell. “Blanket Me” drops the pop and puts the trio back on track, crafting yet another unparalleled work of anodyne electronics.

JAY-Z—“The Story of O.J.”

Sampling Nina Simone’s iconic track “Four Women,” rapper JAY-Z delivers a blistering critique on race, wealth and status.

A$AP Twelvyy—“Strapped”

It’s unlikely that Twelvyy will attain the stardom of his A$AP Mob mate Rocky, but the release of, and recognition for, his old school tones and raw flow are long overdue.

AlunaGeorge—“Turn Up The Love/Last Kiss”

Electro duo AlunaGeorge made their comeback this month with not one but two new singles. “Turn Up The Love” and “Last Kiss” are meant to symbolize “light and shade,” the band explained. The first one is bright and breezy, while the latter is a sultry ballad.

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