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Berries at Santa Monica Farmers Market |©Jordan Fischer/Flickr
Berries at Santa Monica Farmers Market |©Jordan Fischer/Flickr
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The Best Markets In Miami, Florida

Picture of Natalie Guerrero
Updated: 9 February 2017
Miami is known for its diverse culture, beautiful sights, incredible food and unique natural assets. Miami farmers markets are great places to check out what the city has to offer as they sport fresh fruit, varying international foods, and healthy options for those farm-to-table lovers. Check out our guide to the best markets in Miami.
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Joanna’s Marketplace

Joanna’s is a chic marketplace/café/bakery located in the heart of Miami. Their motto ‘eat dessert first’ is appealing to those with a sweet tooth and those who just enjoy the little things in life. Joanna’s Marketplace sports a chalk wall with wall art presented by staff and patrons alike. This market place is best for fresh breads and pastries as well as coffee and morning goodies. Be sure to stop in for a great weekend treat.

Address & telephone number: 8247 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL USA, (305) 661-5777

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The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market sets out to inspire fresh home cooked meals with their natural ingredients and recipe tips. They take their customers from cook to chef with their innovative food options and pairings. As one of the leading specialty markets in the country, The Fresh Markets is dedicated to creating a sustainable industry and supporting the local community as well as local businesses and farms.

Address & telephone number: Origins The Falls Shopping Center, 8888 SW 136th St, Miami FL, USA, (305) 253-2500

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Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Market

This classic farmers market open Saturdays offers an extensive assortment of organic fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, and raw vegan options. It sports a salad bar, homemade sauces with fresh farm grown ingredients, and the customers choice of sweet treats that are sure to satisfy. This farmers market is proud to say that their food is food that loves you back.

Address & telephone number: 3300 Grand Ave, Miami, FL USA, (305) 238-7747

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Kendall Village Farmers Market

This marketplace is open Sundays and offers everything from fresh fruit and veggies to Grumpy Greg’s barbecue. This farmers market is perfect to scope out local vendors as well as awesome live music with family, friends, and the Kendall Village community. The farmers market celebrates each holiday differently, offering holiday flavors and seasonal options so be sure to stop by this thanksgiving season.

Address: 8705 SW 124th Ave Miami, FL USA

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Southwest Community Farmers Market

Open Saturdays, the Southwest Community Farmers Market is a non-profit organization. This market’s mission is to bring fresh and seasonal produce made by local farms and vendors to the community. In this way, they help to educate their consumers about the incredible produce in their own backyard and kick start their economy. Visit this market for fresh, seasonal and local goods – you will not be disappointed.

Address & telephone number: Tropical Park, 7900 SW 40th St, Miami, FL USA, (305) 663-0917