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© Mimi's Cafe
© Mimi's Cafe
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The Best International Restaurants In Bakersfield, California

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Bakersfield is filled with rich culture from around the globe. Check out our list of the best international restaurants in Bakersfield, California.
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Mimi’s Café

This breakfast and brunch spot offers fresh squeezed juices, yummy traditional breakfasts and rich flavors that won’t quit. The service is quick, yet if there is a line, it is well worth the wait. The waitstaff is friendly, attentive, and creates a perfect atmosphere for a breakfast feast. Mimi’s Café is a perfect little breakfast spot that will always have you coming back for more.

(661) 326-1722

© Mimi's Cafe

© Mimi’s Cafe

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This French bistro is casual yet simultaneously elegant. This place offers French and Italian flavors as well as seasonal menu items like pumpkin ravioli. The service is wonderful at this cozy little bistro, and they are constantly informing their guests of menu changes and specials. This cute spot is a great place to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or graduation as they make each night and experience feel memorable and special.

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Luigis is an Italian grocery store and deli that offers classic lunches in old-school digs. This awesome spot has been running since 1910 and offers Bakersfield a taste of old-school Italia. Luigi’s values tradition and caters to the many Italian families of the community while also including and giving other cultures a wonderful taste of their tradition. This small restaurant may seem like a hole in the wall, but the inside flavors and vibes are unmatched in the Bakersfield community.

(661) 322-0926

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Dos Tacos

Dos Tacos is a classic Mexican restaurant in Bakersfield, California. They offer all kinds of burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and more authentic Mexican dishes. Dos Tacos is a no-frills Mexican joint that is determined to bring a real bite of Mexico to California. Expect a staff that is knowledgable about the menu and extra friendly, delicious Mexican dishes, and a whole lot of spice.

1400 Wible Rd, Bakersfield, CA USA, (661) 396-7706

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Ching Yen

Ching Yen is a long-time local favorite in the Bakersfield community. They serve some of the best Chinese food around, and the owners are friendly, as is the staff. The portions are incredibly large and forgiving, with flavors that can’t be matched anywhere else in the Bakersfield area. Each detail of the dining experience from the minute you walk in to the minute you leave is detailed, exquisite, and perfectly executed.