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The Best Cocktails In South Williamsburg, New York
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The Best Cocktails In South Williamsburg, New York

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Updated: 26 November 2016
Williamsburg, a ‘hipster’ part of New York, has plenty of Manhattan-worthy bars and restaurants that you shouldn’t miss. Here’s where to get the best cocktails.
'Way Too Early' - Roebling Tea Room © Jess Dwyer
‘Way Too Early’ – Roebling Tea Room | © Jess Dwyer
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Roebling Tea Room

You will spot Roebling Tea Room by the bright, neon sign hanging out front, beckoning you up the stairs. Inside, the large windows and high ceilings will take you by surprise. Large tables fill the back of the bar providing ample seating for large groups. The laidback atmosphere with a small but delicious drink menu will keep you coming back for more. According to the bartender, the most popular cocktail on the menu is a ‘Way Too Early’. This is a bright, citrusy gin and champagne cocktail that would be a delight, morning, noon or night.

Roebling Tea Room, 143 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA, +1 718-963-0760

'Dandy Onassis' - Maison Premiere © Jess Dwyer
‘Dandy Onassis’ – Maison Premiere | © Jess Dwyer
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Maison Premiere

If you are into the speakeasy, 1920s feel, then the ‘days-gone-by’ vibe of Maison Premiere will win your heart with the largest absinthe menu in New York and $1 oyster happy hours. The impressive cocktail list includes a wide variety of drinks appealing to any craving. It might be overwhelming trying to make a decision but not to worry; the staff is helpful and knowledgeable. The cocktail list includes a few seasonal offerings like the ‘dandy onassis,’ a combination of apple, orange and cinnamon screams fall. But absinthe is one of the main attractions. The ‘Maison absinthe colada’ (Mansinthe, Rhum JM, Crème de Menthe, Pineapple, Coconut Syrup) is a proper blended drink without the cloying sweetness of a traditional Piña Colada.

Maison Premiere, 298 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA, (347) 335-0446

'Dark and Stormy' - Larry Lawrence © Jess Dwyer
‘Dark and Stormy’ – Larry Lawrence | © Jess Dwyer
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Larry Lawrence

Larry Lawrence is a hidden gem – literally. Take note of the street number or you won’t know where the entrance is. Gently illuminated by flickering candles the atmosphere is intimate but welcoming. A highlight for smokers is the upstairs (outdoor) smoking area separated by a glass wall. You will love the classic cocktail list, and the menu evens gives you the origin of the drink you are about to order. Favorites include the ‘dark and stormy’ and the ‘Presbyterian,’ both spirit-forward without being overpowering.

Larry Lawrence, 295 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA, (718) 218-7866

'Feed Me Diamonds' Dram Bar © Jess Dwyer
‘Feed Me Diamonds’ Dram Bar | © Jess Dwyer
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Dram is a beautiful bar featuring floor-to-ceiling wood and a lighted canoe hanging over the bar. The couches lining the wall provide a comfy, intimate place to drink their delectable offerings with your pals. The knowledgeable bar staff will make choosing a breeze and they even offer ‘bartender’s choice.’ Simply name your spirit and choose how you like it: stirred and spirit-forward or shaken and refreshing. One of the most ‘drinkable’ cocktails on the menu is called ‘feed me diamonds’. It’s a tart and bubbly drink that isn’t overly acidic, featuring tawny port and sparkling wine.

Dram Bar, 144 South 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA, (718) 486-3726

'Paloma' - Donna © Jess Dwyer
‘Paloma’ – Donna | © Jess Dwyer
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Have you had a cocktail on draft? If not, even more reason to check out Donna. Vaulted ceilings and soft lights set the scene while the bartenders whip up masterful cocktails behind the bar. Their drinks rotate seasonally and the menu makes it easy to pick your poison with categories like ‘I wanna be sedated’ and ‘don’t think twice, it’s alright’. One of the most delicious menu offerings would have to be the ‘brancolada’: Branca Menta cocktail turned into a frozen slushy that you will want to eat with a spoon.

Donna, 27 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, USA, (646) 568-6622