The 5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Sacramento

Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba | © Edsel Little / Flickr
Photo of Deanna Morgado
11 March 2018

Vegetarians and vegans are quite often celebrated in Sacramento, California. The state’s capital has its own Sacramento Vegetarian Society where non-meat eaters of the city gather to bring awareness and information about the lifestyle to those who wish to listen. Sacramento is also a hub for festivals that celebrate vegetarian and vegan cuisines. With the city’s rich appreciation for meatless lovers, here is a ranking of the best vegetarian spots.

Noble Vegetarian

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Asian fare | Asian fare

Meat-free Asian fusion shines at Noble Vegetarian. The menu consists entirely of animal-free products and presents as traditional Asian fare. Flavors from Mongolia, China, and Vietnam appear throughout different dishes. Dairy-free desserts like Caramel Flan and Vegan “Sheese” Cake give vegans some unmissable dessert options.

Queen Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine

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Queen of Sheba | Queen of Sheba

The rich Ethiopian flavors of Queen Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine brings vegetarians back to this eatery time after time. It boasts a kitchen that creates from-scratch dishes with unique ingredients passed down over generations. With a strong Ethiopian pride, and precision to cuisine creation, the flavors are indicative of the intricate work put into this menu. The space itself is draped in bright African colors, while dishes include spice and memorable flavors, each consisting of specific health benefits.

FreshMed Mediterranean Cuisine

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Mmm... gyro | Mmm... gyro
FreshMed Mediterranean Cuisine is not only known for its sit-down restaurant, but is also a favored catering and event space. The restaurant finds a menu balance between vegetarians and carnivores. With deep-rooted Mediterranean plates—like schwarma, falafel, and classic feta cheese with olives—FreshMed is a local favorite. The menu even features more creative options like nachos, cementing its 10-year-long status as a must-visit location for both eating and catering.

Huong Sen Tofu

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Xinh Xinh | Xinh Xinh

Many vegetarian Sacramentans consistently come back to Huong Sen Tofu for their tofu mastery. The majority of this local favorite’s Vietnamese menu items feature tofu as its key ingredient. But, all the tastes and textures combined in each tofu dish keeps the menu recurrently fresh. The Bun Rieu Chay, in particular, is served with tofu and prepared four different ways. This Vietnamese spot is cash only, but worth the dollars and cents.

Emma’s Tamales

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Tamales | Tamales
Emma’s Tamales—a hole-in-the-wall eatery located outside the heart of Sacramento—offers a variety of classic Mexican dishes with a vegan and vegetarian twist. The expansive menu, consisting of Mexican classics, comes in meat-less variations, so it doesn’t disclude carnivores either. Vegetarian favorites of Emma’s Tamales include the Rellano Chili or the Original Savory Tamale, Sweet Corn, or the Rice and Beans. To add to its authenticity, the owner started her vegetarian Mexican cooking dream in her grandmother’s kitchen, creating a true home-cooking taste.