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San Antonio Skyline | © Nan Palmero/Flickr
San Antonio Skyline | © Nan Palmero/Flickr
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The 10 Best Bars In Tobin Hill, San Antonio

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Voted the third most walkable neighborhood of San Antonio, Tobin Hill has a little bit of everything, including grocery stores, entertainment spots and restaurants. There’s also some seriously lively nightlife here, making this one worthy stop-off. Here’s our guide to Tobin Hill’s best bars.
Downtown San Antonio | © Magicknight94/WikiCommons
Downtown San Antonio | © Magicknight94/WikiCommons
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With a good location, a relaxed feel and a cozy interior, TBA has is a chic bar with a wall of beverages, liquors and a large selection of beer and wines. There is also a large selection of tasty cocktails, with some clever names that do well to deliver what they promise.

Address: TBA, 2801 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio, Texas, USA, +1 210 320 1753

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Blue Box

Blue Box is arguably the best bar in San Antonio. The bartenders’ mixology skills are exceptional, creative and consistent, so this is definitely the place to be for cocktail lovers. With a casual ambiance and a strong emphasis on drinks, party-goers will best experience this original place while sitting at the bar and chatting. People stumble upon Blue Box while exploring the Pearl District, and they will easily recognize it by the unique metal light fixture at the entrance door. While it is true that cocktails are the stars of the show, Blue Bar also offers a selection of beers and wines.

Address: Blue Box, 312 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio, Texas, USA, +1 210 227-2583

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Sternewirth Bar

Located in the heart of Tobin Hill, this place is simply fantastic. The first thing that shocks here is the enormous bar, featuring wines, beers, liquor and cocktails. The vaulted ceilings, sofas and easy chairs give a sophisticated vibe to the place, and for a more intimate setting, there are seats inside the old silos. The snack menu is not large, but the drinks selection compensates with taste and size. With an impressive decor, delicious drinks and a cozy vibe, Sternewirth gathers people from all over the city for its evening entertainments.

Address: Sternewirth Bar, 136 E Grayson, San Antonio, Texas, USA, +1 210 223 7375

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The Looking Glass

This place is cozy and inviting, with a distinct neighborhood feel. The interior is reminiscent of a northern locals’ bar, with plush vintage seating areas, a nice little drinking section and an outside back patio. The drinks are phenomenal, the staff are friendly and the menu, although not vast, changes daily and always features tasty and fresh snacks.

Address: The Looking Glass, 1710 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, Texas, USA, +1 210 259 6028

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This place is stunning. With a cool exterior, a nice outside patio and an intimate, dark and mysterious interior, Hi-Tones is a favorite among both locals and tourists. Drinks are surprisingly cheap and tasty, featuring original drinks, such as the pickled shots. A cozy atmosphere, a variety of musical choices and a friendly service all add to the appeal.

Address: Hi-Tones, 621 E Dewey Pl, San Antonio, Texas, USA, +1 210 785 8777

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Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery

This place right in the heart of Tobin Hill is truly unique. Expect a Gulf-inspired menu with just the right amount of Texas flair. Southerleigh only serves wine and beer but the selection is vast.

Address: Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery, 136 E Grayson St, Ste 120, San Antonio, Texas, USA, +1 210 455 5701

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The Mix

Designed as a neighborhood bar that features live music every night, The Mix is everyone’s favorite, young or old. There’s something for everyone here: darts, a large beer selection, buzzing crowds, entertainment, open mics – the list goes on. Although it might not look roomy from the outside, this bar is much bigger on the inside. Evidently, beer and cocktails are this joint’s stars, and the resident crowd loves a good old chat.

Address: The Mix, 2423 N Saint Mary’s St, San Antonio, Texas, USA, +1 210 735 1313

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Faust Tavern

This bar started when San Antonio needed a late night venue with great food and drinks. Faust Tavern was born and a new reality on the San Antonio scene emerged. Conveniently located on the St. Mary’s Strip, Faust has some of the cheapest beers and drinks.

Address: Faust Tavern, 517 East Woodlawn Avenue, San Antonio, Texas, USA, +1 210 257 0628

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Brass Monkey

Another favorite on St. Mary’s Strip is Brass Monkey, a dive bar that comes with grime and an endearing roughness. It might not impress cocktail enthusiasts but Brass Monkey is perfect for those who crave a vodka red bull. A simple interior, low prices and traditional cocktails make this place worth waiting in line for.

Address: Brass Monkey, 2702 N St. Mary’s St San Antonio, Texas, USA, +1 210 480 4722

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Sparky’s Pub

Sparky’s Pub has been dubbed San Antonio’s number one destination for fun, and there are various reasons for that. Located in the heart of the Main Avenue Strip, this pub is an old English-style bar, featuring a casual atmosphere that is perfect for meeting friends and colleagues. Here, people can enjoy great cocktails in a relaxing and warm space, all amidst pool tables, parlor games and one of the friendliest local crowds in the city.

Address: Sparky’s Pub, 1416 N Main Ave, San Antonio, Texas, USA, +1 210 320 5111