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Take Our Quiz and Find out If You Belong in LA or NYC
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Take Our Quiz and Find out If You Belong in LA or NYC

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 19 December 2017
Los Angeles and New York City are two iconic and very different American cities. Not only are they on opposite sides of the country, but the vibes in each are completely different from one another. So where do you belong? Are you a ‘West Coast, best coast’ person, or is the East Coast more your thing? Take our quiz below to find out!

1. When it comes to your personality, would you consider yourself more:

A) Nice but sometimes fake.

B) Real but sometimes rude.

2. In terms of transportation, what’s more your style:

A) Driving myself, duh.

B) Who wants to sit in traffic?! Walking or public transport all the way!

3. Your ideal breakfast consists of:

A) A no-added-sugar acai bowl with gluten-free granola and desiccated coconut.

B) An egg and cheese bagel because I am an actual functioning human who eats real food.

4. On your daily commute, you’d prefer to see:

A) Palm trees under a blue sky.

B) The architectural wonders of a concrete jungle.

5. To get a good night’s sleep you need:

A) Absolute quiet.

B) If it ain’t noisy, I ain’t sleeping.

6. Your ideal street food is:

A) Tacos.

B) Kebabs.

7. Let’s talk weather. You’d rather live with:

A) Summer all year round.

B) Four seasons, always and forever.

8. Your ideal morning workout is:

A) A challenging morning hike or a beach run followed by a spin class and maybe yoga in the evening.

B) One spin class or a Barry’s Bootcamp is more than enough. Get it together, people. There is more to life than exercise!

9. It’s the busiest day of the year. Would you rather:

A) Search for a parking space in traffic.

B) Be surrounded by a horde of humans on foot.

10. We are living in a Game of Thrones universe. You consider yourself:

A) Targaryen

B) Stark


Mostly As – Angeleno

Let’s face it, you are LA all day! You thrive in the sun and love spending time outdoors. Health is important to you but you also are up for a bit of fun, always. For you, isolation is way more comfortable than being surrounded by a ton of people you don’t know. You Instagram juice like it’s your job, and hey, maybe it is!

Mostly Bs – New Yorker

You are a tough cookie and come rain or shine you get things done. You are not afraid to tell it like it is and you eat what you want and do what you want at all times. No following the crowds for you! You are competitive and thrive in chaos. Practically nothing scares you. You love culture and can’t’ stand to be in an environment that doesn’t provide enough of it. You are a fierce New Yorker and you are proud of it.