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Playing Kan Jam | © Amazon
Playing Kan Jam | © Amazon
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Tailgate, Picnic And Beach Games Gift Guide

Picture of Michael LoRé
Sports Editor
Updated: 15 November 2016
Even though the holiday season is upon us, warmer weather will eventually follow. That means getting back outside for picnics, tailgates, barbecues and the beach while soaking up the sun.

Here are some outdoor games to buy for the holidays in preparation to play come the spring, summer and fall.


The classic beanbag toss game. It’s as simple as backyard and tailgate games get. Put your personal touch on your set and get it customized for your favorite team, college or country.

Cornhole set
Cornhole set | © Amazon


A variation of cornhole. Instead of throwing beanbags, rubber or metal rings are tossed into a hole or at a target.

Washers set
Washers set | © Amazon


Players/teams take turns throwing batons at an opponent’s line of kubbs with the hopes of knocking them all over. Once all of the blocks are knocked over, then it’s time to knock over the king, which is placed in the middle of the playing field.

Kubb set
Kubb set | © Amazon

Kan Jam

Ever try throwing a frisbee into a garbage can? Test your accuracy with this game as you try to whizz a frizz into the front slot or loft it into the top of the can.

Kan Jam set
Kan Jam set | © Amazon

Ladder Golf

Players throw bolas (two golf balls connected by a rope) toward a ladder with three runs in an effort to wrap the bolas on the ladder. The bottom rung is harder, so it’s worth more points than the top or middle runs.

Ladder golf set
Ladder golf set | © Amazon


Another frisbee-related game. This time, though, you’re aiming to knock off a target (typically a plastic or rubber bottle) from the top of a pole. Players showcase their reaction times in an effort to catch the bottle before it hits the ground.

Poleish set
Poleish set | © Amazon


The most physically demanding game in this list. Spike the ball (hence the name) onto a trampoline in an effort to make it difficult for your opponent to respond with a spike of his/her own.

Spikeball set
Spikeball set | © Amazon

Bocce ball

This casual yet competitive game is perfect for all terrains — thought it might be harder to find the balls in the snow or sand (plus they won’t roll as much). Teams alternate throwing the bocce at the target pallino with the object being closest to the target.

Bocce ball set
Bocce ball set | © Amazon

Giant Jenga

We’ve all played Jenga growing up. Take the ultimate balance game to the next level with a giant version of it. As the old saying goes: the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Giant Jenga set
Giant Jenga set | © Amazon