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How to Spend a Family-Friendly Day in San Francisco, CA
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How to Spend a Family-Friendly Day in San Francisco, CA

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Updated: 27 January 2018
While there’s plenty to do and see in San Francisco, it can be a little tricky to plan out an entirely family-friendly day in the city. We’ve made it easier for everyone by putting together this guide to a wonderful family-friendly day out in San Francisco.


Fill up on breakfast at Park Chow

Park Chow prides itself on serving delicious food in a wonderfully kid-friendly setting that adults will also adore. The American fare is made up of all organic ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the food going into your and your family’s mouths. Cozy up with your loved ones at this warm eatery while you fuel up for your day.

Park Chow, 1240 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 665 9912

Explore Golden Gate Park

From breakfast, you and the family can take a beautiful morning stroll to Golden Gate Park. It’s just a few minutes walk from Park Chow so the kiddos won’t get bored before arriving there. A stroll through Golden Gate Park from 9th Avenue will take you through the Shakespeare Garden, where you and the family could act out your very own play on stage. You can also wander through the historic Japanese Tea Garden, where the adults will love the tranquility, while the young ones will enjoy the space to explore.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 831 2700

The Japanese Garden in the Golden Gate Park | © Jmblanco74 / WikiCommons


Watch a classic Disney movie at the Disney Museum

As long as your San Francisco family day isn’t on a Tuesday, you all can head over to the Walt Disney Family Museum’s Fantasia Theater to watch one of the many Disney classics. The films are chosen by the staff and range from Mary Poppins to Pocahontas. All you have to do is buy admission to the museum, which is also incredibly fun for the whole family. Make sure to plan ahead and check the museum’s film schedule for it can vary. Either way, if you all have some time to kill before or even after the film, the Walt Disney Museum has priceless artifacts, memorabilia, and other exhibits that showcase the Disney family and its legacy.

Walt Disney Family Museum, 104 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 345 6800

Walt Disney Family Museum | © HarshLight/Flickr

Slice up lunch at Pizzeria Avellino

A family lunch at Pizzeria Avellino is perfect for any kid’s near-constant pizza craving, while also keeping up with classy-style slices for the adults. There’s lots of options to choose from and the New York-style slices can be sold one at a time for those finicky eaters in the family. Try to be seated on the outdoor patio for a picturesque view of the Presidio.

Pizzeria Avellino, 2769 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 776 2500

Visit the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Pop over to Chinatown where the bright colors, shops, and culture of the district is fun for everyone in the family. Here you’ll find the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. The entire family will love learning about the history of this iconic cookie and you’ll also get a sample to nibble on!

Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, 56 Ross Aly, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 806 8243

Handmade Fortune Cookies | © Karen Neoh/Flickr


Play some games at Musée Mécanique

This old-fashioned spot has lots of antique and playable coin-op games, music boxes, and more for the whole family. It’s free admission, though it does cost a few bucks to play the games. Adults will adore the vintage space and the kiddos will have a blast playing old-school arcade games like Pac Man. Musée Mécanique piques the interest of all ages, perfectly melding together nostalgia and wholesome fun.

Musée Mécanique, 45 Sausalito, San Francisco Pier 41, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 346 2000

Musée Mécanique | © John Mosbaugh/Flickr

Ride the 7D Experience on Pier 39

Strap everyone in for this amazingly fun ride that’s great for all ages. Better still, this is a two-for-one activity! Once you’re all seated and buckled, you’ll begin the Dark Ride, which is part-movie and part-video game. Here, the seats move in sync with the large movie screen in front of you. You’re given a laser gun to fight off the bad guys and score points. The Dark Ride games vary, making it suitable for the whole family. Once you’ve defeated those bad guys, you’ll all enter the LaZer Challenge. Team up with your family and step inside the lazer room where you’ll spin and turn in an attempt to avoid more lazers! Everyone will have a ball working and playing together. Tickets can be bought in person or online.

7D Experience, 39 Pier, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 445 0120

Dinner at Wipeout Bar & Grill

Finish off your family fun day with a remarkable dinner at Wipeout Bar & Grill. This eatery has a fun surf-shack theme that the youngsters won’t be able to stop enjoying. The food here is kid-friendly with burritos and burgers, and plenty of options for the adults like a grilled salmon bowl and mesmerizing salads. Not to mention the amazing drinks for the adults to sip to wash down the day.

Wipeout Bar & Grill, PIER 39 A-O2, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 986 5966