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© Anne Li
© Anne Li
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Sext Pixels Offers Ironic Couture For Daring Dressers

Picture of Jill Di Donato
Fashion Editor
Updated: 29 November 2016
Created in 2012 by Sarah Lathrop, Sext Pixels takes fantasy dressing to the next level. Couture at an accessible price point, Sext Pixels has been featured by VFILES and WGSN trend forecaster Kara Mullins called Sext Pixels a label to watch. Lathrop refuses to take fashion too seriously, and her playful, sexy, and costume-inspired line, which she describes as Brittany Spears, circa 2001, makes that clear. She told Bullett Media’s Justin Moran that her laissez-faire attitude keeps her one step ahead in the industry. “First they laugh, then they copy,” she said. Culture Trip caught up with Lathrop in her Brooklyn studio for this latest Behind The Seams installment.
© Jessi Untracht-Oakner
© Jessi Untracht-Oakner

Culture Trip: Describe the aesthetic of Sext Pixels?

Sarah Lathrop: Pink poser punk. It’s lame to say something’s punk. Cool punks wouldn’t say they’re punk.

© Anne Li
© Anne Li

CT: Tell me a little about your background, and how it has inspired the line.

SL: I went to school for film and theatre in New Orleans. I did costume for a minute and then I decided to make clothes. I like the element of costume. As a designer, I’m self-taught; well, my mom taught me to sew.

© Reid Mangel
© Reid Mangel

CT: Who in the fashion industry is inspiring you right now?

SL: Commes des Garçons, always Coco Chanel. Hood By Air is really awesome. Telfar is cool. Rihanna is perfect. Solange is my favorite.

© Anne Li
© Anne Li

CT: And what about places? What countries or cities excite your aesthetic?

SL: Japan really inspires me and London inspires me. New York City has cool style too. The subway is my favorite place to style watch.

© Anna Bloda
© Anna Bloda

CT: What should every girl go out and buy right now?

SL: A choker. (Kidding!) A shirt that’s all cut up with safety pins.

Sarah Lanthrop's Inspiration Wall
Sarah Lanthrop’s Inspiration Wall

CT: What’s your design process like?

SL: Sometimes I just make it. Sometimes, I draw it onto the fabric. I’m trying to be more detailed now.

CT: You use a lot of plastic in your designs. What’s the best way to store a garment made of plastic?

SL: Don’t fold plastic.

Sarah Lanthrop, Brooklyn Studio
Sarah Lathrop, Brooklyn Studio

CT: Speaking of storing your clothing, what’s the best way to organize your closet?

SL: It’s not always good to get rid of things. You never know when something is going to come back, or you feel like reinventing it. So, it’s important to not leave everything too messy. But then again, I might not be the best at explaining how to keep an organized closet.

For purchase inquires, visit Sext Pixels online.