Sex Is Better in Hotel Rooms, Apparently

Mark Wang / © Culture Trip
Mark Wang / © Culture Trip
Photo of Luke Abrahams
7 February 2018

So, we’ve recently just learned that men are trading sex for travel – now it seems couples are having better sex in hotels…

Since the age of hotels began, couples have often gone through the ritual of booking a cabin, lodge, or island break to enjoy a little bit of nooky, and now it’s all backed by the wonderful thing we call science. For those looking to expand their love nests, recent research shows that sex in a hotel has a load of benefits for a relationship.

What’s this study all about then? According to the science whizzes, having sex in an alien or new place increases the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine – a powerful hormone that controls feelings of pleasure and excitement. It’s the same kind of pleasure you feel when you’re eating a bar of chocolate or smoking a cigarette – basically, the neurotransmitter is associated with things that we all enjoy, good or bad.

Mark Wang / | © Culture Trip

As we all know, a hotel is synonymous with an escape, or an experience. Without getting too philosophical, the experience of a vacation is associated with certain pleasures – i.e., an escape from normality. For the researchers, combining both pleasures increases the chances for improved intimacy between couples. Oh, and let’s not forget those wonderfully fresh and crisp sheets, room-service, pool-service, valet parking – the list goes on and on really. And there you have it: alien space + dopamine + vacation = great sex.

So, if you wan’t to reignite your love life, it seems all you need to do is organise a much needed vacation.

Let the booking commence, we say.

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