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Sacramento, California's Most Beautiful Libraries
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Sacramento, California's Most Beautiful Libraries

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Updated: 30 January 2018
Sacramento, California, is a city with rich history and culture, including its abundance of libraries. Here are some of the most beautiful libraries in the city that book lovers and architecture aficionados should be sure to check out.
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Ella K. McClatchy Library

Tourists love this little library, and Sacramento locals treasure it. The Ella K. McClatchy Library is a converted historic home that maintains its romantic vintage charm. The downstairs holds all the wonderful books, as well as plenty of lovely study tables. Upstairs there are three more rooms for guests to use—the most magical probably being the no-technology room, where there are no phones, laptops, tablets, or the like allowed. All you need is a good read and to snag one of the comfy chairs to sit back in.

Ella K. McClatchy Library, 2112 22nd Street, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 264 2700

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South Natomas Library

The South Natomas Library beautifully combines posh with cozy to make an amazing space. Not only does the interior drip with literary wonderment and carries a welcoming elegance, but it’s also incredibly kid friendly. Just behind the library is a lovely playground for some outdoor fun, as well as a rose garden that’s perfect for wandering.

South Natomas Library, 2901 Truxel Road, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 264 2700


Courtesy of South Natomas Library

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Valley Hi-North Laguna Library

Sleek, modern, and littered with book-filled shelves, Valley Hi-North Laguna Library is where literature meets the future. Its sharp and angular architecture serves as the perfect gateway to the interior, where visitors will find multiple study rooms, computers, books, and other great resources. Just outside is a spectacular park area for all ages to enjoy.

Valley Hi-North Laguna Library, 7400 Imagination Parkway, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 264 2920


Courtesy of Valley Hi-North Laguna Library

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Sacramento State University Library

The university’s library incorporates the nature around it. The wooded outdoor area is absolutely breathtaking against the gargantuan library architecture, and the surrounding nature creates a whimsicality that you can’t find anywhere other than at Sacramento State University Library.

Sacramento State University Library, 2000 State University Drive East, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 278 5679


Courtesy of California State University, Sacramento

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McKinley Library

This adorable little library is a slice of heaven. The space is quaint yet still holds on to all the needed resources that make libraries great. Opened in 1936, the art deco building has kept its beautiful original furnishings and walnut wood paneling.

McKinley Library, 601 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 264 2700


Courtesy of Mckinley Library