Romantic Love Shacks Across The World You’ll Want To Snuggle Up In

By Stinessen Arkitektur, photography by Steve King, from The Hinterland
By Stinessen Arkitektur, photography by Steve King, from The Hinterland | © Gestalten 2016
Check out these homey hideaways and charming cabins that are the epitome of the romantic getaway. Showcased in new book The Hinterland, the small and humble architectural gems are designed to help us escape the chaos of our everyday lives, offering us the chance to get back in touch with nature, be playful and simply relax. So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner in crime and indulge in some ‘us time’.

Fit for a fairytale

This enchanting forest hideaway peppered with fairy lights could be something straight out of Peter Pan – Wendy would have certainly approved. The designer of this charming treehouse in Atlanta built his first when he was just eight years old. Still indulging his inner child even now, this elaborate design spans across seven trees and is linked by rope bridges. Inside, it’s a treasure trove of salvaged artefacts, collected treasures and ephemera from yesteryear. Apparently, it was voted as Airbnb’s ‘most wish-listed property in the world’ in 2016 – it’s not hard to see why.

By Peter Bahouth, photography by Lindsay Appel, from The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016

Wooden wonder

There’s nothing better than sitting inside a toasty log cabin wrapped up in blankets when it’s snowing outside. Time passes slowly in this remote part of Norway, which is perfect for simply spending time gazing out of a big picture window into the majestic landscape of the Fermunden National Park beyond.

By Asklak Haanshuus Architekter, photography by Tom Gustavsen, from The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016

A novel stay

Bookish couples will love this secret room in the forest of Upstate New York – warm red oak envelopes this tiny yet substantial library, which holds more than 2,500 books. Cosy up by the wood-burning stove, pull out a treasured tome and wile away the afternoon together in fictional lands while watching the snow quietly fall outside.

By Asklak Haanshuus Architekter, photography by Tom Gustavsen, from The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016

Hot date

We’re guessing things would literally get pretty steamy in this stunning grotto-inspired sauna, which is perched on an island’s edge in Georgian Bay, Ontario. It’s got jaw-dropping views over Lake Huron, which has inspired its wavy wood-clad interior.

By Partisans, photography by Jonathan Friedman, from The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016
© Jonathan Friedman Courtsey of Partisan

Shapely design

This light-filled pentagonal terrace is the perfect perch for early evening drinks and watching the setting sun as it casts a golden glow over the treetops. The humble shed was turned from a one-storey cabin into a handsome three-floor summer home in Quebec.

By YH2 Architecture, photography by Francis Pelletier, from The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016

Star of the show

There’s no better place for romantic star gazing than this Dutch country home. Built atop an existing 1950s holiday property, the jewel in the crown is the rooftop extension with a huge expanse of glass – here, you can lie in bed and watch the stars above the treetops.

By Bloot Architecture, photography by Jeroen Musch, from The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016

Rainforest retreat

Among the lush Brazilian rainforests, this stand-alone weekend retreat mimics indigenous Brazilian houses hidden between the leaves. Kind of like a spaceship that’s just surreptitiously landed, this playful, corrugated man-made shelter is a great hideout for bird-watching through the massive arched window.

By Atelier Marko Brajovic, photography by Victor Affaro, from The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016

Private viewing

For those looking for a truly secluded spot for a romantic getaway, what could be better than one of these cabins in northern Norway? Each hut unveils a private panorama across the sea from the cantilevered viewing box – plus there’s your own terrace for warmer summer evenings.

By Stinessen Arkitektur, photography by Steve King, from The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016

On the move

This cute mobile home is perfect for couples suffering from wanderlust – they can travel to their hearts’ desire with these custom-made micro shelters designed by Tiny Heirlooms. Stripped back to the bare essentials, these offer refuge from the constraints of conventional 21st-century living.

By STPMJ, photography by STPMJ, from The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016

Love nest

Literally live in your own little bubble for a weekend – this contemporary treehouse, the ‘Baumhauskugel’ has room enough for two on this medieval-themed Robins Nest retreat in Germany. Each treehouse is accessed by a series of hanging walkways and have peaceful terraces up among the branches.

By Peter Becker for Baumhotel Robins Nest, photography by Faruk Pinjo, from The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016

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