People Who Are Gluten-Free Are Having Way More Sex Than the Rest of Us

© PublicDomanPictures / Pixabay
© PublicDomanPictures / Pixabay
Photo of Alice Johnston
Food Editor23 February 2018

If you’ve had to give up traditional pasta, bread, cake and croissants for health reasons, you definitely deserve some good fortune.

And you might well have it, in the form of having way more sex than the rest of us.

According to a survey, Americans who eat a gluten-free diet are going on more dates and having fewer dry spells than those who eat pastries with abandon.

If you eat gluten-free, you have more sex than those who don’t | © Bart-Ter-Haar / Pixabay

In its eighth annual Singles in America survey, commissioned Research Now to ask over 5,000 single people a detailed list of questions about their dating and sexual habits and preferences.

The survey stated: ‘People who have followed a gluten-free diet are 217% more likely to have had a date in the [past] year and 172% less likely to have had a dry spell that lasted two or more years.

‘Those who report they orgasm are 43% more likely to follow a gluten-free diet.’

Orgasms are 43% more likely for the gluten-free | © Jennifer Pallion / Unsplash

The survey discovered that 435 people, 8.7% of the respondents, said they used to eat a wholly gluten-free diet but are not currently doing so, and 408 people, 8.1% of respondents, are currently gluten-free.

It’s not known why people who follow a gluten-free diet are having more sex, although the fact that they’re not distracted by shoving bread into the toaster and making sure their pasta is perfectly al dente might have something to do with it.

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