Online Course: Chinese Art – A Masterclass in the Field

Learn to appreciate the intricacies of Chinese art
Learn to appreciate the intricacies of Chinese art | © Burstein Collection / Getty Images
Spanning the millennia, there’s a lot to learn about Chinese art, from its historical context to the skills needed to create it. With this course you’ll come away with a thorough understanding.

Chinese Art

Hand with watercolour brush.
© Guido Mieth / Getty Images

Chinese art spans centuries, but this course separates it into bite-size chunks, so you can easily immerse yourself in this fascinating subject. You’ll form an in-depth understanding of Chinese art, learn how it was produced and gain the skills needed to try your hand at creating it for yourself. No prior knowledge is required, just an interest in the topic. Over two hours of on-demand content, Professor Federico von Borstel will lead you through the intricate details of Chinese artwork, and explain how it has interacted with the country’s turbulent political and social history.

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