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Subway Doodle | Courtesy of Ben Rubin
Subway Doodle | Courtesy of Ben Rubin

NYC Artist Paints Monsters Next to Sleeping Subway Riders and It's Amazing

Picture of India Irving
Social Content Producer
Updated: 3 November 2017
Imagine casually snoozing on your morning commute and then suddenly finding yourself sitting next to an enormous monster. A quirky new art project is making this wacky scenario a reality and infecting New York City and the internet with major lols.

Subway Doodle is a project by artist and overall creative, Ben Rubin, which involves him superimposing his own paintings of adorable and/or terrifying furry monsters next to photos he secretly snaps of unsuspecting subway travellers.

Subway Doodle
Subway Doodle | © and Courtesy of Ben Rubin

Ben owns The Mint Farm, a Brooklyn-based marketing company known for its innovative commercial and promotional content made for TV and social media.

Subway Doodle