Nordstrom Is Selling $85 Leather Wrapped Stones (And Yes, They're Sold Out)

Photo of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor14 December 2016

It’s Furbys and 90s tamagotchis again…

Fancy department store chain Nordstrom is currently selling a rock with some leather wrapped round it for a phenomenal $85! (Don’t worry, there’s a cheaper one for $65, reasonable, huh?)

Dubbed “Leather Wrapped Stone“, the people responsible for this explosive trend is Los Angeles-based company, Made Solid. Whilst they don’t actually make the rocks (shout out to our lovely planet for that one), they do make the fab leather pockets all by themselves.

So what do you actually do with it? According to the guys that make them, the ‘object’ is pretty versatile: “A conversation piece? A paperweight? A work of art you can show off to your friends? Wrapped in rich, vegetable American leather secured by sturdy contrast whipstitching, it is sure to draw attention wherever it rests.” How very LA…

That looks like a slipper, no?


Loaf of bread?


Macaron, maybe?


Still not convinced? One reviewer said: “It’s not a crystal, but I could tell it was full of positive power and energy.” He also alleged that the rock cured his erectile dysfunction. Interesting.

Would you spend $85 on a stone in a leather pocket? Let us know in the comments!

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