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© ddp USA / REX / Shutterstock
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Meet the American Tween Vloggers Taking over the Internet

Picture of India Doyle
Updated: 10 March 2017
Cast your mind back to when you were 12 years old and it’s likely that you were in the throes of an existential drama with your barbies, or rigorously training in your school playground to become the world’s next sporting star.

In America, kids under 14 are building themselves up into international conglomerates with a set up that involves little more than a bedroom and a phone. This group of young talent have nailed the art of the digital age and while on the surface they seem just like your average tweenagers, in reality they are being raised as major brands, with albums, fashion lines and advertising deals aplenty. As one star sparks a national scandal with her line of hair bows, Culture Trip introduces you to the next generation of vloggers that you need to know about.

Jojo Siwa, 13

Founder of the controversial Jojo Bows that have just been banned in schools across the US, Joelle Joanie Siwa (also known as Jo Jo Siwa or JoJo with the Big Bow) is a fashion designer and Youtube vlogger who regularly entertains her 3m subscribers. Her vlogs include ‘How To‘ videos and a slew of reaction videos, which are also tweeted out to her 300k Twitter followers. Make sure to tune into her hit series, Jo Jo’s Juice, in which the star answers questions from fans and then pours a bottle of juice on her head.

Lauren Orlando, 12

Born in 2004, Candian Lauren Orlando has made a swift and successful entree into the Youtube world. Orlando entertains her 650k subscribers with prank videos, challenges, regular haul videos and a Q&A series. Having already secured partnership deals with the likes of Claire’s Accessories and currently on tour across the US, Orlando and her merry band of 150k Twitter followers are set for stellar growth.

Mackenzie Ziegler, 12

Mackenzie Ziegler is, quite literally, an all-singing, all-dancing performer with phenomenal digital clout. Currently on tour with Lauren Orlando’s brother, Johnny (see below) Mackenzie uses Youtube to tell her 1m subscribers about her new fashion line, as well as providing behind the scenes footage from the tour, haul videos and Q&As. Her Twitter account has 770k followers and is managed by her mum.

Johnny Orlando, 14

Having started making Youtube videos when he was just 8 years old, Johnny Orlando has built an impressive brand. While he started off covering songs by the likes of Justin Bieber, Orlando has found phenomenal success with his original work – his latest song ‘Missing You’ has been played 3,553,598 times, and counting.

Hayden Summerall, 11

11-year-old Hayden Summerall is one of Youtube’s youngest stars. Born and raised in Texas, the star is the youngest of four brothers; the elder three (Jimmy, Hunter and Dylan) are all major Instagram stars in their own right, with 30k, 100k and 200k followers respectively. Hayden is most famous for his pop songs (both covers and originals), which he puts out to his 200k Youtube subscribers.

Jacob Sartorius, 14

With well over 2m Youtube subscribers, 14-year-old Jacob Sartorius is a vlogging titan who has managed to build a wildly successful music career within a few years. ‘I make tunes for your ears & I love chocolate milk,’ reads the vlogger’s Instagram bio, two facts that his 7.7m fans seem to love. His first song, ‘Sweatshirt’ made it into the streaming charts, and he released his first album in early 2017.

Ruby Rose Turner, 11

Having begun a modelling career aged seven, Ruby Rose Turner is an actor, singer, dancer and model with her own highly engaged audience. Regularly featuring on her famous friends’ Youtube channels, you can join Ruby’s 550k followers on Instagram to keep in the loop on her activities.