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Weather over San Francisco - Infrared | © trophygeek/Flickr
Weather over San Francisco - Infrared | © trophygeek/Flickr
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Why You Should Live in San Francisco Over New York

Picture of Deanna Morgado
Updated: 11 February 2018
West Coast versus East Coast. New York versus San Francisco. Many factors contribute to which city is the best to live in. But in short, here are a few reasons why you should choose San Francisco over New York City.

The weather

First and foremost there’s San Francisco’s weather. We don’t have to worry about this great city shutting down due to blizzards, nor do we have to worry about frying in those times of extreme humidity.

Weather over San Francisco – Infrared | © trophygeek/Flickr

Golden Gate Park

Sure, New York has Central Park. But not only is San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park bigger, there’s the Flower Conservatory, archery, windmills, paddle boating, a carousel, two museums, and even bison!


New York has a population of mind-numbing, elbow-bumping 8.5 million. San Francisco’s population is just over 865,000. That’s a world of difference when it comes to less crowded sidewalks, more spacious picnic spots, and shorter lines waiting to grab a drink at the bars.

The Mexican food

It’s a no-brainer here. The burritos, tacos, enchiladas… all are as amazing as you can get north of the border.

Chorizo burrito from La Taqueria | © rick/Flickr

Casual way of dressing

New York is a city of fashion, yes. But sometimes you just want to go out wearing your hoodie and not worry about what you’re wearing. In San Francisco, you won’t have to worry about people giving your super casual outfit a dirty look. This is because most of people out will be wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

grey hoodies & jeans | © cinnamonster/Flickr

The weird is celebrated

Literally, celebrated. Between the Folsom Street Fair, Bay to Breakers, and the How Weird Street Faire, San Francisco knows it’s a city of weird and embraces it.

Wine country

Sonoma County, better known as wine country, is just a quick drive out of San Francisco. Can you think of a better place to be than next door to some of the best wineries in the world? I don’t think so.

Better attitude

New Yorkers are known for their aggressive, hood-of-a-taxi-slamming nature. While that’s great and entertaining, San Franciscans tend to have a much more chill outlook and attitude.


In San Francisco it’s less about just grabbing a coffee and more about the experience itself. San Francisco treats its coffee more like a religion. A little showy perhaps, but nothing–not even New York–beats it.

San Francisco Saturday | © Faruk Ateş/Flickr

Easier to exercise

Since San Francisco is an incredibly small city, walking all over the place is super easy. The streets are also exceedingly bike-friendly, an even better way to get your cardio in. If that’s not enough, San Francisco’s infamous hills will have your thighs burning and toned in no time.