It's Going To Be Really Expensive To Travel In 2018

Landscape of Guilin, Li River | © Aphotostory
Landscape of Guilin, Li River | © Aphotostory
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Updated: 25 July 2017
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Sorry to dampen your spirit, but it’s true, the cost of travelling is set to sky rocket next year. Here’s why.

So, there have been some really good deals this year. Return flight to Vietnam for less than 500 bucks? Yes please. Well, kiss goodbye to awesome flash deals like that because it looks like it’s all about to end. Not only will the cost of your flight go up, but it also looks like it’s expected that hotel rates will, too!

A recent report from global travel management company Carlson Wagonlit Travel and the GBTA Foundation, says that airfares across the globe will go up by 3.5 percent next year. If you think that’s bad. Think again. Hotel prices will rise even more to 3.7 percent (farewell weekend trip to Paris).

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If you’re one of the millions of people that begrudgingly travel to work each day, guess what! The cost of your bus, taxi or subway ride will also rise .6 percent. It’s ok, who needs to eat, right?

Why is everything so expensive?! you scream. Simple. A stronger global economy (it doesn’t feel like it, we know) and the increase in demand for all things lovely, quick and cheap have all contributed to the sudden price jump – oh, and blame oil prices and inflation, too.

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There is some slight good news, though. The overall increases will vary depending on exactly where you are in the world. If you hail from, or are planning a trip to the likes of the Asia Pacific region, particularly in China and India, then expect to pay way more because domestic demand for services have grown dramatically.

Shockingly, prices in Eastern Europe (7.1 percent) will rise more than in Western Europe (5.5 percent) – blame the World Cup in Russia next summer. And in the US, prices rise less astronomically at 2.3 percent, #TrumpTravelBan.

Hotel wise, rates in places like New Zealand will rise a staggering 9.8 percent, and in Eastern and Western Europe, the night rate of a lush pad will increase by 11.9 percent (thanks for ruining our summer World Cup 2018).

Moral of the story. Book all your trips now. Happy travelling.

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