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Courtesy of MIEL Athleisure Underwear
Courtesy of MIEL Athleisure Underwear
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How to Wear Patriotic Lingerie and Take a Stand for Women's Rights

Picture of Jill Di Donato
Fashion Editor
Updated: 29 June 2017
You’ve the the phrase a million times: the personal is political. But it’s more than an sound byte; it’s the her-storical notion that underscores the relationship between your rights and government interference. In other words, it’s a big deal, especially right now, as legislation is looking to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. This Independence Day, you can wear red, white, and blue lingerie as an American woman who owns her reproductive rights, a civil liberty that’s currently under threat. Anyone who says politics has no place in the bedroom forgets that politics are borne out of the private encounters people have everyday, with themselves, with others, and with the world.

As you’re chilling out at your clam bake this Fourth of July, sipping some Rodham Rye, and catching up on the history of American independence, why not slip into something more comfortable? Lingerie celebrates your body, especially if you’re wearing it to feel good about all the amazing things your body can do.

Courtesy of Underhaus, Fleur’t & Fleur’t With Me
Courtesy of Underhaus, Fleur’t & Fleur’t With Me | Courtesy of Underhaus, Fleur’t & Fleur’t With Me

Why wear patriotic lingerie? Because you’re an American.

Last month, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New Mexico filed a complaint against Wallgreens, where a pharmacist refused to fill a prescription for birth control, citing, “personal reasons.” According to attorneys for the ACLU of New Mexico, this isn’t the first time an Albuquerque Walgreens’ pharmacist denied a woman access to her prescribed medication, this time claiming, “moral reasons.” ACLU attorney, Erin Armstrong said in a statement, “Women should be able to walk into any pharmacy that serves the public with full confidence that they will receive the care and medicine they need without being disrespected and discriminated against.” Such actions violate New Mexico’s Human Rights Act.

Courtesy of Underhaus,
Courtesy of Underhaus, | Courtesy of Underhaus, Parfait

Loving yourself and your body is American.

It’s never been more important to show self-care. The proposed GOP health care plan, which has yet to be finalized by Congress, will have devastating effects on women’s healthcare if it comes to pass. According to the the National Women’s Law Center, the ACLU, and Center for Reproductive Rights, the Republican-led healthcare bill will allow corporations to make decisions about female employees’ childbearing decisions. Cuts to Planned Parenthood will leave women not only without resources to family planning, but also will exclude cancer screenings and Zika virus prevention, as well as Violence Against Women Act grants to combat sexual assault, according to The American Prospect.

Courtesy of MIEL Sisters
Courtesy of MIEL Sisters | Courtesy of MIEL Athleisure Underwear

So if a little star-spangled lingerie inspires you to step up and do your duty as an American woman, you go girl.