How to Fill a Flask Like Rihanna

© Recording Academy / GRAMMYs | Giphy
© Recording Academy / GRAMMYs | Giphy
Adele may have taken home all the awards, but the star of last night’s Grammys was Rihanna’s flask. Unashamed even for one second to have BYOB’dat the event, the singer conspicuously clutched a rhinestone-emblazoned flask throughout, rendering it the hottest fashion accessory on show.

The question remains: What was in it? What was Rihanna drinking from it all night? She has no liquor endorsement deals that we know of. An email to her publicist wasn’t immediately returned, so we’re left to speculate what the blinged-out flask contained. If it were us, we’d have filled it with any of the following:

  • Jameson Irish whiskey  Whiskey is the quintessential flask-filler. Riri gave the Irish booze a shoutout in her song “Cheers (Drink to That),” so we can surmise she’s not unfamiliar with this particular brand.
  • Plantation Barbados 2001 rum  Rum is, in our opinion, the best flask drink—strong yet eminently sippable. Being a good Bajan girl, Rihanna might be expected to choose a rum from Barbados. Plantation has been winning all the awards lately and it’s a favorite of ours. The Barbados 2001 is a masterpiece. 
  • Novo Fogo Tanager cachaca  We may or may not have been drinking this particular spirit from a flask of our own at the movies this past weekend. Ahem.
  • Cynar 70  If your stomach’s upset—maybe from nerves while waiting to potentially receive a Grammy—a good Italian bitter liqueur can be the ideal stomach-calmer. More easily sippable on its own than many other bitter liqueurs, Cynar—usually a mild 30 proof—also comes in a version more than twice as boozy. Because when you’re working with a flask’s limited volume, proof counts.
  • Sharpie Mustache cocktail from Amor y Amargo  Made with gin, overproof rye whiskey, Bonal, and Meletti Amaro, this cocktail got its name because, as bar manager Sother Teague says, if you have more than one you’re likely to wake up with a sharpie mustache drawn on your face. It’s served in a glass flask at the bar, so you know it’s the perfect high-octane cocktail for awards-show sipping.