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Donald Trump | © Michael Vadon/Flickr
Donald Trump | © Michael Vadon/Flickr
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How Canada Is Reacting To Trump's Win

Picture of Alexia Wulff
Updated: 9 November 2016
Several Americans, in response to the newly elected President Donald Trump, aren’t taking the news so well. And the fear, anticipation, and utter shock of this ground-breaking change are already felt across the border. Canada, a longtime friend and ally of the United States, will certainly see the effects of this new presidency – NAFTA, the Keystone Pipeline, NATO, and climate agreements – and here’s how people are reacting.

There was a lot of talk going on in the Great White North as Election Day was nearing its brutal end.

Many Canadians watched with dire uneasiness and suspense during one of the most-watched elections in US history.

Before the election came to a close, Americans had already jumped the gun on immigration.

Many elections have seen this same widely-used statement about ‘moving to Canada’ post-election, but this year, it has become more of a reality than an empty threat. At around 11 pm EST on the evening of Election Day, Canada’s Immigration Site reportedly crashed.

Screenshot of CIC Webpage
Screenshot of CIC Webpage

And everybody knew about it.

There’s no mystery here. US citizens were already onto Plan B: move.

Not to mention… stocks plummeted, and the USD dropped.

Panic. Panic. Panic.

But Americans can rest assured… their friendly neighbor in the North is welcoming Americans of all shapes, sizes, and political views.

Phew. Hold the wall – we’re coming.