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The Netflix Personal Trainer. | Courtesy Netflix.
The Netflix Personal Trainer. | Courtesy Netflix.
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Here’s How to Make Netflix Your New Personal Trainer

Picture of Peter Ward
Tech Editor
Updated: 2 March 2017
Netflix is attempting to get people off the couch and onto the exercise bike, releasing detailed instructions to build a personal trainer which pauses your favorite show when you slack off.

The Netflix personal trainer project is the latest brainwave to come out of the company’s annual Hack Day, which also produced a way to control Netflix with your mind.

The personal trainer connects to users’ phones or tablets via Bluetooth and uses an accelerometer to monitor activity levels during a workout. If the user slows down at all, a selected Netflix character delivers motivational words to keep them going. And if you’re watching a show at the same time as exercising, on a treadmill or a bike for example, the personal trainer will pause your show until you speed up again. So much for Netflix and chill.

Building the personal trainer is not too simple however. “Making a Netflix personal trainer requires a little technical know-how, including comfort with building basic electronics and doing some coding. You may also want access to a CNC router or 3D printer to create your case. To speed things up, we designed a custom PCB to hold all your components, though you’re welcome to create your own board,” the website reads.

There are 14 different character voices to choose from, all from popular Netflix shows like Bojack Horseman and Terry Crews. The personal trainer may only be a hobby project rather than a serious venture, but the idea is a lot more appealing to us than a real-life personal trainer barking orders in our ears.