Have You Tried Flower-Shaped Gelato?

Flower Gelato | Courtesy of i-Creamy Artisan Gelato
Flower Gelato | Courtesy of i-Creamy Artisan Gelato
Photo of Kathryn Maier
Nyc Food & Drink Editor31 August 2017

Gelato is one of summer’s best treats. A cold and creamy indulgence, the Italian dessert makes plain ol’ ice cream look lowly in comparison, even in its plainest form. The trend that’s taken social media by storm is to enjoy it shaped into flower-like designs that are almost to pretty to eat. Here’s the good news: The trend is spreading, so it’s becoming easier than ever to get your hands on a flower cone of your own.

To make the flowers, small slabs of gelato, or “petals”—generally about 20 per cone—are scooped with a spatula and pressed on in concentric circles, forming a rose shape. Often, multiple flavors of gelato are used, creating a multicolored flower effect.

The instigator of the Instagram phenomenon is a chain called Amorino, which was established in Paris in 2002. It has spread across Europe in the meantime, with more than 100 locations there, and came to the U.S. in 2011 to continue its spread Stateside.

Plenty of imitators have cropped up in recent years. In Europe, despite Amorino’s prominence, the main stage still belongs to Gelarto Rosa, a single shop in Budapest. Southern California has Eiswelt Gelato, which also shapes adorable animals out of gelato. In Sydney, i-Creamy’s cones took over the internet earlier this year, and at the moment, it remains the only place offering the flowers in Australia.

Many of the prettiest flowers we’ve been seeing are from the year-old Givrés, in Hong Kong. And the trend seems to be spreading throughout Asia. Roseice, in Ho Chi Minh City, is putting out some stunning creations. And somewhere in Myeong-dong, Seoul, Korea, is shaping up some lovely treats, too.

Which would you travel to try?

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So, where do I learn to do this?

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