Grab Your Passports Because These Are Going To Be The Biggest Travel Trends Of 2017

The big travel trends coming in 2017, according to Booking
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Updated: 22 November 2016
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It’s a pretty big world out there, and with more people moving abroad and going on vacation than ever before, travel trends emerge in huge waves. To make sense of all the commotion and figure out the next big thing, has taken great pains to study the behavior of travelers around the world – so worth the struggles if you ask us. And now, here are the eight major travel trends we can expect to see in 2017. Off you go…

#1. Bleisure is becoming a staple of business travel

Forget work-life balance: in 2017, more globetrotters than ever will combine business with pleasure when they travel for work. Already now, 49% of explorers extend their business trips and spend a few more days in their destination. No longer seen as a chore, bleisure can be an empowering way for workers to gain new experiences, exposure to other cultures and a general sense of worldliness. Indeed, 30% of sightseers would consider taking a paycheck just to be able to travel more with work. Would you?

It’s a tough life when all you’re doing is business

#2. Discovery and adventure are a big deal

Almost half of travelers choose their next holiday destination based on where their friends haven’t been yet – talk about the effects of social media envy! Luckily, vanity isn’t the only motivation here: holidaymakers are opting for more independent and adventure-based travel, looking for exciting activities outside of the typical city break context. We’re thinking epic nature shots for your Instagram feed…

#3. Sustainability is leading the way

Sustainable accommodation may not be news to most, but there is a rising trend of holidaymakers actively pursuing environmentally friendly lodging options. Almost 40% of travelers are even interested in going full-out with an eco-friendly tour. Needless to say, we’re all keenly awaiting those tax breaks for eco-conscious travelers…

No matter how much you love nature… Don’t touch the bears!

#4. Mindfulness is a big priority

It may have something to do with the increasingly hectic pace of everyday life, but wanderlusters are becoming increasingly preoccupied with squeezing every drop of peace from their holidays. A growing number of yoga and meditation retreats helps nomads unwind, and that’s pretty key. After all, half of us say that we take holidays not just to relax, but also reflect and make better lifestyle choices.

#5. Experience over possessions

An inspiring 58% of travelers are committing themselves to the ‘more experiences, fewer possessions’ mantra, prioritizing those precious memories over material things. We think the popularity of the Airbnb lifestyle may have had something to do with it.

Experience and adventure are becoming more important to travelers than luxurious extras

#6. Don’t believe the hype: the human touch is essential

Robots? Automated concierges? Loneliness in the age of Facebook? Well, certainly not on holiday. As B&Bs and private ryokans continue to be rated more highly than hotels on review sites, holidaymakers are actually attaching significant importance to that personal touch to enrich their experience. Almost half of us wouldn’t stay in a hotel with unfriendly staff.

#7. Instant gratification is becoming an expectation

We’re after friendliness, experiences, mindfulness – but we’re also pretty impatient about it all. You can Google or YouTube almost anything in the world, and with a plethora of flight and hotel booking services filling up the web, travel planning has never been this smooth. 44% of travelers already expect to be able to book and manage their whole holiday on their phone.

The new Culture Trip app is the best thing that’s ever happened to us

#8. Travel to the moon… and back

It’s not just an ego inflation tool for the world’s billionaires. Space travel is actually something that 44% of us are dreaming about. Many expect that we’ll be able to explore the depths of far-away galaxies (or at least the moon!) in the not-so-distant future. As if nearly 200 countries wasn’t enough… But realistically, we may need to wait a bit longer than 2017 for this trend to literally take off.

Which of these are YOU inspired by? Let us know in the comments section below!

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