FitBit's New Smartwatch Offers an All-Encompassing Approach to Women's Health

FitBit's New Smartwatch Offers an All-Encompassing Approach to Women's Health
© Debby Hudson / Unsplash
Between ClassPass memberships and streamed virtual workouts, it’s easier than ever to stay on track with your fitness goals while traveling. Now FitBit is giving women even more autonomy over their health with the introduction of a female-focused smartwatch.

The Versa is one of the company’s most advanced wearables to date, offering on-screen workouts, guided breathwork sessions, and—most notably—cycle tracking, alongside its usual plethora of fitness metrics.

Recently, apps that track women’s menstrual cycles have surged in popularity as an alternative approach to birth control. One, Natural Cycles, comes with a thermometer, and is the only certified contraceptive app on the market, though the company is currently copping flack for failing 37 women in Sweden, who all got pregnant during a supposedly non-fertile phase of their cycle.

Pregnancy-prevention potential aside, many young women with an interest in wellness are utilizing these apps to learn more about the biological workings of their bodies. It’s this trend that FitBit is hoping to speak to with its Versa smartwatch.

The Versa makes tracking all aspects of female health much easier © Bewakoof / Unsplash

Cycle tracking is a logical addition to a product that gives an increasingly all-encompassing overview of its wearer’s health, particularly given the fact that women’s monthly hormonal fluctuations have been shown to influence their physical strength, endurance capacity and potential for injury.

For those who travel regularly, the Versa is a useful tool to encourage consistently healthy habits regardless of the inconsistency of their schedule. By utilizing hotel gyms and outdoor spaces in their vicinity, and following exercises from the library of in-built, on-demand workouts, maintaining personal fitness routines is as easy on the road as it is at home.