Find This Man at an Airport Near You and You'll Get a Free First-Class Seat

© godsavethepoints / Instagram
© godsavethepoints / Instagram
It’s a bit like ‘Where’s Wally’ (Waldo if you’re American), but without the hideous red sweater and a far greater reward once you’ve spotted him.

No word of a lie, if you find Gilbert Ott, the bloke who loves giving us all tips on finding flight deals and tips for getting more airline miles on his travel blog God Save the Points, he’ll give you his first or business class seat. Why? Because he is nice like that – and wants to attract new readers to the site. In order to take advantage of the stunt, all you have to is recognise him and he will gladly give up his luxury airplane seats for those lovely economy ones you spent months saving up for.

Don’t believe us? Well, this is what Ott had to say about the whole thing on his blog:

‘If you find me in an airport: check in counter, security lane, terminal, lounge or even boarding gate, I’ll switch seats with you, provided we’re on the same flight.’

Told you so.

You’ve got until December 31 to find him and ask to steal his seats.

Now all you have to do is remember this face:

THAT face

Here’s what his face looks like up close

And in a hat.

Happy searching…