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Drawing Music: Dannis Winston, SoundWall And Their Interesting New Approach To Art
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Drawing Music: Dannis Winston, SoundWall And Their Interesting New Approach To Art

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Updated: 11 December 2015
Dannis Winston is a composer of countless talents, while SoundWall is ‘a new product at the intersection of art, sound and technology.’ Here, we take a look at Dannis, his collaboration with SoundWall, and the magic they are creating together.

Dannis Winston loves New York City. He loves everything from The Pierre Hotel to the Yankee Stadium. He’s performed in more places than he can count, and he feels that he is constantly blown away by everything that New York City has to offer. ‘If you want something to happen,’ he states, ‘this city teaches you how to make it happen.’ Dannis is no stranger to achieving dreams; at a very young age, he finds himself surrounded by music, art, and best of all, a myriad of fans. A multi-instrumental artist, this composer likes to paint using a very distinctive technique: his music.

A musician for most of his life, Dannis began to orchestrate a 5-piece band, consisting of a trombone, looping treble keyboard, percussion, violin, and harmonica, over eight years ago. He orchestrates the band through an open rehearsal while a small group of artists paint atop canvases, using the vibrations to emulate the music into visual art. In his mind, his fast-paced career as one of the top live entertainment bandleaders/musicians hasn’t been happening fast enough. Dannis feels prepared for whatever is thrown his way.

With a background including singing and bandleading, Dannis traveled from West Palm Beach, Florida to New York City. As a classically trained vocalist and with professional knowledge of multiple instruments, his passion for music has always been evident. Once in New York, Dannis put together own band. Dannis found himself performing at private events, though ultimately he was left feeling unsatisfied. ‘I wanted to perform my own pieces, my own music,’ he explains.

Dannis, 27 years old, is currently a bandleader, singer, composer, and president of Winston’s Crew Collective. He directs five live bands under the Collective, with a staff of over 20 talented musicians, singers, and assistants. They perform covers of everything from EDM to pop records to jazz compositions, all with their own flair.

After attending a party thrown by SoundWall, he inquired about the possibility of beginning a partnership. He agreed, prior to speaking to the artists, that he would allow them to draw and create as raw as they possibly could. He began the routine, and still does to this day, by introducing one instrument at a time, encouraging the artists to totally submit themselves to the music. He wanted them to be totally free with their expression: ‘I try to inspire artists anywhere,’ he states, and it is evident in his execution. Though his performances with SoundWall are live performances, he will begin incorporating SoundWall into his public and private events.

‘Let Me Go,’ his debut single, is an Afro-House meets R&B original. His new EP will include other band members, all solo artists in their own rights, as well as his own original music. He describes his sound as ‘pop music orchestra.’ With his new single, he hopes to release a dance record. He wants to bring live instruments and the allure of live music. Dannis also dreams of leaving behind a legacy comparable to Duke Ellington or Quincy Jones — in a modern way. He is well on his way; he is currently working with Boys and Girls Harbor as one of the youngest ever to be teaching a Master Class to their musical students. Check out his Instagram and Twitter accounts to keep up-to-date.

In addition to Dannis Winston and his live band, multiple artists have been included in the article. The first artist in the first picture features artist Misha Tyutyunik whose works can be found on his website. The third and fifth images feature artist Jake Nelson and his works can be found on his website as well.

#DrawingMusic is presented by Soundwall and Ubiquita Worldwide.