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© Emily Sea / Unsplash
© Emily Sea / Unsplash
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Down-Dog During Your Layover at These Airport Yoga Rooms

Picture of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor
Updated: 26 May 2017
Why sit in the departure lounge drinking beer and making unnecessary duty-free purchases when you could pass the time limbering up in the airport yoga room instead? After all, you’re probably already wearing leggings.

There are now nine airports around the world—from London to New York and even Helsinki— that offer designated yoga spaces, facilitating a little light movement before boarding time.

San Francisco spearheaded the trend in 2012, and as more and more people begin to make well-being a priority (ever noticed how many airlines now offer in-flight stretching videos and manuals?), other airports have caught on too, with sound-proof rooms and even communal props for traveler use.

If you’re specifically stretching to tackle long-haul stiffness, pick poses that focus on the hip flexors, hamstrings and back—anything that counteracts the C shape your spine adopts when you’re slumped watching hour after hour of in-flight movies (check out these yoga poses for post-flight stiffness to get an idea).

The peace-promoting quality of yoga can also work wonders for fearful flyers. Soothe pre-flight nerves with simple forward folds, like putting your legs out in front of you with a soft bend in the knee, and allowing your torso to gently fold over them. It helps you take longer, deeper breaths instead of short, shallow panicky ones, calming the nervous system effortlessly. Plus it feels good!

© Alex Picerne / Culture Trip